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  1. (This is following up on a previous topic of mine) Hi everyone again. It may be down to the fact I saw her again recently but she's been on my mind much more than usual and yet apart from posting on here anonymously (which I am so very grateful for by the way) I cannot confide in anyone else without being subjected to the braunt of insults, ridicule and taunts. I have bottled up these emotions for five long years and I feel so conflicted on whether it's a wise decision to act on my feelings or not. It's making me feel quite depressed actually. She is with someone at the moment so I would feel guilty about coming out now but she was was playing with her hair, sitting towards me and smiling and laughing a lot when I saw her the other day. Maybe I am merely grasping at straws and creating a fantasy in my head. Love can do that to you I guess. I refer to this as love as if this was a harmless crush, I would have forgotten about it years ago. Even when I have been with other girls, I have been thinking of her. I feel so messed up. Where do I start regarding writing out the phone message to her? It feels so daunting, I think I might have to be drunk to go through with it. She's the most beautiful girl I've ever known, inside and out. The decision to tell her might backfire but at least I won't be left with this endless longing. No matter how much I try to suppress these feelings, they remain. I remind myself I'm human and I can't help it if my heart feels this way and that I shouldn't feel guilty. I don't know what to do
  2. Had the most fun time round there tonight and got very drunk on cocktails in the process! It was awesome seeing and talking to her again. We made eye contact a lot, my heart always feels like it's in knots when talking to her. Turns out she has been seeing a guy for a while but it's not a shock considering how amazing she is. I'm happy for her. Due to her commitments to uni, she might not be able to go with us on holiday next year which would suck but I would understand. I feel like I would be a bit of a dick if I opened up to her while she is with someone else though. I keep telling myself she'll understand if I tell her. I would hate to have to do it via a message but looks like I won't be left a choice. I swear wanting to pour your heart out to someone has got to be one of the most daunting things to do. But it must feel so liberating afterwards. Back home and wishing I was still there making her laugh and seeing her smile. I'm so infuauted it's unreal. Love can really mess you up huh?
  3. Heard the best news today that made my Christmas even better. We're going round on Sunday and she'll be there ^,^ I'm happy just thinking about it!
  4. Thanks mate, really appreciate the kind words. As long as we're still close afterwards, I'll be happy. She means a lot to me.
  5. Congratulations mate that's awesome we all deserve to be happy and loved This gives me confidence going forward in my own situation. At the end of the day if you love each other that's all that matters.
  6. Give it time man. This is why I didn't want to say anything to her by text or over a social media platform. I think it's better to say whatever you have to say face to face and deal with it right there and then. Anyway, she can't ignore you forever. Just give it time maybe she is still coming to terms with how she feels.
  7. (Sorry for the late reply) I'm hoping it won't come to that! I think she'll be understanding come the moment of truth when I tell her. I'm just going to do it in private at the start of the holiday and get it over with. I tried to put it aside but I can't suppress how I feel for another year. It's driving me insane even now bottling it up. Only one close friend knows but I might tell one of my parents. They wouldn't hold it against me. They'll probably say to not act on my feelings but I can't keep this contained for the rest of my life. :shocked:
  8. Regarding the age, I am 24 and she is 23. Oh, they live a fair distance away from us and they are very busy so they are hardly ever in but we did cycle round a couple of months back. Unfortunately she was at her university at the time so I never saw her (I always dread the end of our holidays because I know it will be a year until I see her again) Her uni is in London which is near me but I don't want to intrude on that side of her life. Hopefully we could meet up more if she understood how I felt about her. That's what I am hoping for. That's true about the family obstacle. I don't think mine would be too bothered but not sure about hers. I get on well enough with her older sister, mum and dad. Worst case scenario is I am banished from ever seeing her ever again I guess lol :shocked: That's a handy question to use. I'll have to remember that one. Would be curious to hear her answer and see her reaction. Often thought I must be cursed because she's the best girl I've ever known and if it wasn't for us being related, I would ask her out on the spot. I think we're both conflicted as we both feel that it's not right yet at the back of our minds there is something there. I think we're both scared of admitting it. :lipsrsealed:
  9. Hello everyone! :cheesy: This may go on for a while but I would really appreciate some much needed advice and feedback. :azn: I am in my early twenties and have been going on a family holiday with my two cousins and our parents every year for the past five years. We knew each other when we were little but I would like to think I have only known them properly these past five years. What started out as a harmless crush on the youngest cousin (we are near enough the same age) has developed into deep feelings and I believe that I am in love with her. It has reached the point where I can't stop thinking about her and even though I have her contact on various social media platforms, I cannot summon the courage to say anything. These feelings have been building up and intensifying for so long. I only get to see them during our holiday each year so I am making a promise to myself that in 2016, I will make a choice of telling her in private or to just keep pretending I don't feel anything for her on a deeper level which would be a lie. That of which I doubt I can keep up and I'm fairly certain she knows I am fond of her. I feel it would have to be face to face. One part of me says I shouldn't feel this way and that acting on these feelings would not do anything positive for my family. The same part of me says she may well stop communicating with me all together if I tell her the truth and she'll find it uncomfortable. Now the second part tells me that we get on really well, I'm certain that she has flirted with me on numerous occasions and that she would be understanding of my feelings. Also, how can I be ashamed and apologise for how I truly feel? I didn't ask for it to happen. She's beautiful, intellectual, amusing and just a joy to be around. I just fell for her. I'm not expecting us to get married or anything but it would be a massive psychological weight off my shoulders. If she didn't end up hating me that would be a plus. Lastly, I was going to come clean to my parents about how I feel about her. Do you think that is a wise idea? So, hold the feelings back for another year or man up and say something? (for better or worse) I just feel so conflicted! :undecided: (thanks for reading!)
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