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  1. I'm a 16 yo boy, and I'm in love with my 15 yo cousin, we live in a rather suburban area in the southwest, obviously the taboo is harsh and not accepting, anyways me and my cousin have been in love with each other for over a year, we are best friends and have been since we were little kids. But our family would not be accepting of this relationship, and would probably ban us from ever seeing each other again. The emotions we have for each other are way more than just friendship, obviously its hard to treat her like all my other cousins when she means so much more to me, our family has accused us many times of fooling around, but they never had any evidence, but I need help on what to do, how do we formally come out to our friends and family about our relationship? I want to marry her and live with her my whole life, what kind of judgment should I expect to get when we finally are open about our relationship? Please help! I feel like I can't tell anybody and I really need to get this off my chest... Thanks:)
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