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  1. Looking for other australians in this message board i am so greatful for this website and i would be even more greatful if some other aussies could fall in here so i dont feel a bit alone in my own country
  2. Okay, Im a shy person with anxiety so I hate talking to people at the best of times.. so I'm looking for some advice. How do i bring our relationship up with our doctor in regards to getting genetic testing.. ect. I always wanted testing no matter who i marry (theres a blood disorder in my mothers family. Boyfriend is from my fathers side) but i just dont know how to go about it.
  3. This stuff i hear so often its ridiculous. Also my aunt works with people with special needs, specifically with one young man who everyone, including her has "no disorders no nothing, its simply because their parents are first cousins" and then everyone proceeds to compare this issue with a local family who is children from a father/daughter relationship. These things just get passed down. My aunt says these things, her children hear, they think its the way it is and teach their kids the same. In fact unless you go looking for it (like i did, thank god for this site) noone ever talks about the facts, just the things they've been taught. And unfortunately that is why the stigma hasn't died out
  4. I tell the truth, that we've known each other 10 years and met in high school. And thats where i leave it lol
  5. Thank you all so much. I really appreciate all this. And as for genetic counseling i already decided i wanted that done anyway. When i was pregnant before we didnt mention it to the doctor because i was terrified and people had just found out about us and were very cruel, which had me in a state of anxiety about everything. But next time around the counseling will be done and sorted first. Its just a little hard for me to tell people because while im happy and wouldnt change things at all, id rather not broadcast it out loud.
  6. Happy new year. Ive been thinking seriously about my life goals and my partner and i's life goals, and children are a conversation i have a large part of anxiety about. I was hoping for some of you with children to.. i guess give me some reassurance? Happy stories ect. I have mentioned on a previous post that we were pregnant before but due to stress and other things we had a misscarriage and i have so many fears about trying again.
  7. Lurr here, made an account thank you for your support. Its so comforting to know theres a place i can turn to. The miscarriage had a pretty big impact on me, it led to a discovery i have bipolar disorder. And you're a little bit right - high school was 7 years ago for me. My partner deals easier than i do with all the stress, i am actually his second cousin relationship. The first one he has a 5 year old daughter with, and they didnt know they where related until she was born. His ex flew under the radar for the most part as she was older than him and didnt go to school with us, but you're right, we were in school together. Everyone knew us as best friends and some people knew we were cousins. We've known each other for 10 years. For a long while until i was corrected by an aunt who doesnt approve, i believed we were cousins by marriage. Our families didnt have anything to do with each other bar my aunt speaks to his grandmother and aunts here and there. Ive reas some stories on here and i know im blessed to have such a welcoming family. His family are great too. They never bring it up as they just see me as his girlfriend, the only time his nan ever mentioned anything was to tell me how much i looked like my grandmother and how she was her favourite relative lol One of the most frustrating parts is, ive visited this website before and many others. I know the facts, i reasearched alot and i am aware we are genetic strangers, and i know everything is perfectly fine. But for some reason, the people who cast judgement seem to think we are first cousins instead of the third (i think its third once removed? Not too good with that) so when they spit venom they like to add a rather large "kids will be mutants" edge to it so if anything does happen to our future children through other causes, the horrible people will say its because we are related.
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