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  1. yeah your right thanks LadyC
  2. Before you answer read my post on topic "Should I make the move" under General Category "Help/Advice" so you know how deeply I feel for her to be in my arms I love her like I have never loved anyone and tell me if you would be willing to try and talk to her on Facebook for me. If willing message me on here and I will give you her facebook name and city so you can find her on there. I would be forever truly grateful.
  3. I feel like she lead me on or am I just letting my emotions get the best of me? I feel as if I could never love again.
  4. But if I were you Sam675 I'd go for it because I'd do it all over again if I could.
  5. We got along great, we could laugh and talk about anything, before I took that chance last night, but then I woke up this morning and she was gone, won't answer my calls or anything nor my Facebook messages. I'm feeling really bummed about it now, but I'll never forget the way that long kiss made me feel. I'm telling you it's absolutely nothing like your normal everyday average woman kind of feeling. Now I'm sitting here wishin' she'd walk through that door but I am glad I took that chance because it was amazing while it lasted but only one night. I believe she's afraid of what other people wo
  6. we all should be allowed to be happy.
  7. Yes we did and it would've went further then a kiss had no one been staying over with us. And we've already made plans for the future, well starting out anyway if you know what I'm talking about. And thank you so much for your support we need more people like you in America not criticism or critics.
  8. She was busy when she came through the front door, so I waited until she sat down on the couch next to me. She looks over and told me" you need to smile more" I replied "make me smile' she then started too rub her foot against mine as if we were playing "footsie" together. I then reached over to her and started tickling her sides with my hands and moved in for the moment I been waiting for. The first kiss. It was the most amazingly incredible feeling I ever felt in all the years I've dated women. Thank you cousincouples.com for you gave me the courage to get what I been wanting for a long time
  9. I've been attracted to my cousin for quite some time now I'm 25, she's 22. Lately I been shy to make the move but when I make a sexual comment she replies and laughs about it and has never said "no' to any of the comments which makes me think she wants it as bad as I do. I'm tired of beating around the bush. So today when she walks through the door i'm going in for the kiss. What do you think?
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