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  1. We are currently on a weekend break, he's on the bed snoring - I have a dodgy tum - it's not all a bed of roses lol. But at least we are alone, no family to interrupt and criticise us so there are plus points. On the other hand, 24 hours a day is causing me to look on him with different eyes - he's too damn nice and says we are still in the honeymoon period - which I can see. I'm actually having doubts as to whether this relationship could work on a love level - it's different to last time. Enjoy your day. x
  2. My cousin is kind, sensitive - a lover, not a fighter and an all round calming influence. He lights up my life - I long to see him each day (which isn't always possible :-() but when we are together electricity flows between us - we are soulmates and kindred spirits and I can't imagine my life without him. who would have thought that just a short month ago all of this would be rekindled from 29 years ago. I'm in heaven with my soulmate and I love him so much xx
  3. Thanks Hawk, yes that would be wonderful. Wonder if they have any in UK. Ill definitely put Sybaris on my bucket list to visit ASAP.
  4. Nessa, it was beautiful and the first of many more to come. It's been a long 29 years since we were last a couple, he was my first boyfriend. Looking for a nice venue for a romantic weekend away.
  5. First kiss in 29 years today - heaven :kiss:
  6. Things are moving along positively. Few raised eyebrows and suspicions being raised within immediate family. Taking it steady but all the old feelings are flooding back :smiley:
  7. Hi Romalee My kids are all in their 20s (x3)
  8. As a newbie here, don't know whether anyone else has shared this in the past: I'm a big Elvis fan and find this a rather appropriate and catchy tune (but I do find this particular film somewhat cringeworthy on the whole). Just thought I'd share.
  9. I got a reply to my email which was: "If I kissed you, would you kiss me back?" I replied with a :wink: which meant 'yes' I then proceeded to pour out my heart in a long email, saying that whilst I would love a relationship with him, I think for the sake of our families (especially my kids) probably not a good idea to resurrect anything but never say never. Not heard any more :embarrassed: Wonder if I jumped in with the honesty a wee bit too soon? Will be seeing him at the funeral this week, not really the best place/time to discuss our relationship. I did think though, if there was an opportunity just to slip my hand in his, for comfort, I might do that - with a nice friendly smile - just 'being there'.
  10. Thanks for the advice. Yep, we are both in the second flush of life, he's 58 and I'm 55 so the baby/child issues aren't relevant anymore. Just would be nice to be with a caring man for the rest of my life.
  11. Hi everyone I just found this site tonight and its just what I'm looking for. Almost 30 years ago I did have a beautiful relationship with my first cousin. We got together after a family wedding and I gave him my most precious gift. Some members of the family found out or guessed about us and the relationship stopped after about a year, to save problems for us both. Time goes on, I saw him fairly regularly and still had feelings for him, my heart skipped a beat when we met and I often wondered what he was up to. Recently, I contacted him about a potential house move I have coming up and as I'm divorced now, needed a man to help with certain jobs like curtain poles etc., he was my first choice. Ten the very next day after I text him, my aunt, his mom, passed away. I've seen him 4 times since then, been to see him and his siblings and support and help them. We even went for a drink on Christmas Eve. I've emailed him tonight asking if he was thinking about resurrecting our relationship, waiting for a reply. I really don't know what to do, I'm in two minds. He is a lovely man, kind and thoughtful and we had really good times together all those years ago, I did say at the outset that I wasn't looking for a romantic relationship, just cousins was fine BUT the more I'm away from him, the more I want to see him and be held by him and pursue things. My mind is in a whirl. No parents are alive now, just his siblings and my kids to think about. My kids are grown up. Do i Follow my head or my heart? Thanks.
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