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  1. Okay so I have one fact about myself which bothers me so much and which is always on my mind. And that fact is my parents are cousins. I find it terribly gross and not to mention their marriage wasnt a love one either (they're separated now). It bothers me a lot cuz I have a mental disorder (its mild) and also my physical features (crooked teeth and what looks like to be an asymmetric face)....I cant help but think this is the result of my parents being cousins I'm a teenager and I come from a Western country. Apparently I'm bright (I'm not good at academics; failed Maths but got my minimum required qualifications), but I have my disorder and as a result I've required support for it, and it also seems to be used against me by my own mum. She also abused me as a kid, and I guess the fact that she was pressured into this ill thought marriage was the reason why. This fact about myself has been making me depressed a lot, and I dont feel like I wanna be here or in this body at least. I feel inferior to other people and feel like I've been deprived of an equal amount of genes like others. I've also been teased repeatedly over it but its not my bloody fault. It's embarrassing and sometimes it makes me have all sorts of thoughts. I dont know what to do about it :/. How am I supposed to cope with this? The stupid decision that idiotic family members did. This makes me hate them
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