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  1. I have had a crush on my cousin ever since we first met as infants... That sounds really dumb but I can't think about any time where I haven't been attracted to her. So laying down the basics, my cousin and I are both 15 but she's one month older. I'm male and she's female. Now I know since I'm only in my mid teens nobody will care, but I'm posting this anyways. We were both raised together until a few years ago when we've only been seeing each other maybe 4-5 times each year as opposed to frequently each month. Now I'm really not sure how to organize this information at this point due to it being so much, so sorry if it gets confusing. My main cousin - let's call her "Mary" - has a sister and brother. I'm extremely close to her brother (19), us both being guys of course, and her sister (16-17) jokes about me being her boyfriend whenever both of our families go to events together. One time Mary even joked about it too and both of them grabbed each of my arms tightly. Now for the past year or maybe two, Mary and I have been becoming more distant from each other. Maybe because of puberty? I just have no confidence talking to her whatsoever. We pretty much never talk or look to each other whenever we see each other unless we're alone for more than a few minutes. But finally during thanksgiving a while back, we finally talked for more than a few moments. It was fun, I made her smile but the whole time I was thinking about her beauty. During our talk, she wanted to know more about my "girlfriend" who was just my friend. Instead of describing my friend however, I described Mary to herself like a cliche movie would do. Only because my aunt (my mother's sister/Mary's mother) had bragged about Mary's new boyfriend, yet described my personality. It was almost like she was trying to make me jealous? Still confused. At one point, my aunt even randomly said Mary and I would make a cute couple and I noticed Mary looked away as if she was blushing or something. This really confused me to the point where I couldn't sleep. I have no clue if my cousin likes me back and my aunt was teasing her or if my aunt knows about my crush somehow and was teasing me. Earlier today - or yesterday I guess - on New Year's Eve of 2015, Mary and I saw each other for an hour, but never spoke a word to one another. I glanced at her a few times and noticed she was glancing back or looking the opposite way. I really don't enjoy being silent to her, but usually every time I see her, I can barely breathe which sounds cliche again but whatever. I'm sure most of these facts felt unnecessary so I apologize. In conclusion, I've felt in love with my cousin all my life but now it's really getting to me. Can anybody give some insight of any kind? I'm supposedly spending spring break with her alone for some reason, so I was thinking of either telling her how I feel then, asking her about any feelings from her without revealing mine just in case or just asking to spend more time together? Any other suggestions or comments are welcome because I have no clue what to do about her.
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