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  1. honestly , you cant let people , especially your family... tell you its wrong... because its something so natural and has been since the beginning of time . our genetics are flawed in general so if you were to happen to have a baby with an ailment like a disability or mental problems you would love them all the same ... and many "regular" couples have kids like that all the time , there is nothing wrong or debilitating about incest. yeah not good that you jumped to conclusions ... also dildos for safe sex? even im like wtf? thats pretty idiotic. anyways i can see how debilitating it is for you not to have her around etc. i hope everything works out for you when she visits ... her saying she needs space and time to think can mean one of two things but maybe if youre lucky the one of two things that it turns out to be is really what she means and she does care for you the same way.
  2. i know how you feel ... except i think mine was worse than the whole... "its weird" response... the situation in my case was like a tangled web . "Love this strong, and this passionate cannot be forgotten. Pain this strong is almost impossible for me to forgive." i know exactly what you mean ... and it seems to always be incestuous love that is this way this strong and feels so natural and powerful and right. nothing worse than having it turned away .... yes its very messed up and can drive you insane if the one person you care so much about cuts you out of their life. and i know... not only is it almost impossible to forgive but you may grow to hate them for it... conflicting when you love someone so much and hate them the same amount as well. maybe you can try reaching her somehow... if for no other reason, i think closure might help the madness subside a bit. hope this helps .
  3. I completely agree ... You should leave that out .. Why would you even say that if you don't believe it's wrong? And yes it gives it finality . Good advice
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