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  1. How do I respond?

    I haven't accepted that this has happened. I may say I want revenge but I Wont do it. I did read the book it was helpful Im just taking this day by day. I have good days and bad days
  2. How do I respond?

    I think I should seek counseling this is eating me up inside. The more I think of everything the more I want revenge. This is not me I am not myself I miss the old me
  3. How do I respond?

    I cried myself to sleep i cant begin to describe all the things i feel. I went to work today but I was not there mentally. I know I cannot allow this to consume me. I have no escape I moved in with him and I have nothing and no where to go. It looks like I will be spending more time at work to avoid being around him until I can figure out where I'm going. I will definitely take this as a lesson learned.
  4. How do I respond?

    Well I don't have to say anything to him he just kicked me to the curb like I was a piece of trash! 💔😞
  5. How do I respond?

    I don't have the courage to tell him that but I don't want to be in pain anymore. My hardest thing is being ok with letting him go. I feel stupid for falling in love with him, even though things are not good I still love him I didnt think it could be possible to still love a person when they treat you bad.I beat myself why couldn't I see all of this before.
  6. How do I respond?

    We have what I think are good days and then we have bad days. Sometimes our conversations start out good but end up in an argument. I told him I couldn't trust him and this was his response: " I wish you could understand what's going on with me. I wish I could tell you but I can't because I don't know how. Yes I made a complete mess of our friendship and everything else, your right you shouldn't trust me ever again, I didn't do a good job holding it together. Its safe to assume or say I'm a great f*** up. It also makes me human so fault me for my wrongs." Part of me feels guilt the other part is saying he's playing mind games
  7. Heartbroken

    I like to read thanks for the book recommendation. I live in NY as soon as the streets are cleared of snow I will go get it. Again thanks for the support and advice
  8. Heartbroken

    I thank you all for your support it feels good to be able to get this off my chest. Nat there is a age difference I am 25 he is 42. Our age was never a problem in the beginning but now I'm thinking that is part of the problem. I've tried to walk away from this relationship before but he has a way of pulling me back in. He tells me he cannot allow me to walk out his life but I know in my heart I deserve to be treated better. He wasn't always mean to me its like things changed overnight.
  9. Heartbroken

    Hi i just found this website. I've been with my cousin for the past 6years secretly. I'm now finding out he was never committed to me 100% there has been other women . I honestly had a gut feeling something wasn't right so I went through his phone which I know was wrong. He is seeing someone now although he says I am his woman. I confronted him about this woman and he tells me what he do on his own time is his business. I feel lost ,confused and most of all heartbroken I'm in love with this man. I don't know what to do I have no one to talk to.