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  1. Thank you so much for your wise words, I will definitely follow your advice and just plainly work on being friends with him, wich is going to be hard considering it's always been awkward when we talk, I'll try to find a way thank you once again.
  2. I am currently 20, and he's 22. But the biggest inconvenient is that he has a girlfriend right now and it breaks my heart. I really dont know what to do because we arent even close to start with since I have been living abroad for 3 years, so I was thinking that approaching him telling him that I would like to build a stronger bond and relationship with him to start with, and if one day he's single again see if it leads to something... But I am extremely shy to approach anyone, even if it's for friendship. I am terrified I will say something awkward and this will tear us apart even more.
  3. I have always had a crush on him, but not too long ago until I admited it to myself. I really want to tell him but I dont know when or how. Any tips on sharing your feelings to your cousin? I'm scared he would expose me to my family.
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