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  1. My wife and I are active Mormons. Our oldest son is getting ready to leave on his mission. Many members of our ward know that we are cousins and have not had any backlash at all. We do however, live in the "tolerant Northwest"
  2. Your story is so much like mine. Only I am farther down the road. My wife and I have been married for four years. She had six children and I had four. I lived two states away... We didn't see how it could work. Now, we both have equal joint custody with our children's other parents. My ex, who seemed so unreasonable before, moved here so that I could be with my wife and still be an active parent. We have two children together now and though it has been a Rocky path, it has been with it. ... I hope the best for you and your children!
  3. Just thought I'd introduce myself.... My wife and I have been married for four years and we are first cousins. We don't even think about it that much and our relation is not really a factor in our relationship. Except when answering kin related questions at the OBGYN (we have two children together). In total we have twelve children which makes us an odd family to begin with.... Here is our story: We met a few times growing up but never really connected because she is five years older then I. As adults we connected on FB and spent a great deal of time talking and became quite close. When she was going threw divorce I was there.When I was going threw a divorce she was there. We were each other's support system. I wouldn't say it was love at first sight but more like we both felt we knew each other. The intimacy of this"knowing" was intoxicating. As we shared more of our selves with each other we grew closet then either of us thought was possible. Then one night that fateful moment when you realize the person you have grown to love, is everything you want in a mate, you trust completely, and share all the intimate details of your warped mind with, is also the one person you never want to live without. Still, we are cousins, we will just be really close friends, companions.... Until passion entered the equation. I'm sure it was always there but held at bay by our preconceived notions of our forbidden love. I could not imagine life without this amazing women by my side! We decided to "come out" to our friends and family quickly so that we could live free from hiding. It was Ricky at first with some being supportive, some indifferent, and some against. In the end we have a normal relationship, normal high functioning and social children. We are active volunteers at the kids schools and in church. We generally love life each other and have probably become more tolerant and accepting of this around us who are different. I wouldn't say it is for everyone, but it is for me.
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