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  1. Its actually good. But, the orange header colour is too bright and the yellow colour of the logo is not clearly visible.
  2. Life is so unfair and funny, some people tried reaching out but were disappointed and some people are waiting to be reached out!
  3. Hi KC, Sorry to bother you again. I noticed that I am allowed to send '0' messages, please can you fix this problem as well. I don't really use private messages but, just in case if I ever have to use it in future. Your help is much appreciated ☺. Thanks
  4. Thank you so much ☺. Everything else is fine.
  5. I tried but, still no luck. I disabled personal measages i guess. Now I don't know how to fix it ?.
  6. Hey, I don't know what I did to my account. I no longer have an access to private messages or mailbox. Something is not right lol, how do I get it back? Thanks
  7. Hi I disabled my messages lol.. I don't know how to fix it.

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    2. KC


      Which message?

    3. lmknjbhvgc


      Private messages, but it looks like they don't even work 

    4. KC


      Prv messages should work after you post 1 or 2 or 3 messages. I can't remember exactly.  Trying to keep the spam out. 

  8. So you never met your cousin and you just want to me meet him, I don't see any issue in your case. Your family supports cousin marriage, it's up to you two whether you are willing to change your place of residency for your relationship. I don't know much about your religion and you didn't mention your age, so if you know you are ready to get married then talk to your family and your cousin and marry him. If he is old enough then chances are: if not you then his marriage will be fixed with some other cousin in your family. But, first you have to find out whether you really love him and want to be with him, or you just want to see him.
  9. Start looking at the positive points of keeping your relationship a secrete :P, I hope this helped.
  10. hmm to cope with this, you should consider changing your way of thinking. Keeping it secrete is not easy but, totally worth it when you know that no will accept your relationship . I believe it adds fun to your relationship (you value small things like hugs, cuddles, and so on). From my experience, it is worth it.
  11. I agree with LadyC and Serendipity, control your emotions and stop thinking about him. Infidelity is not good, he sounds like a bad person. He is not worth it, better to show him the door now than crying over it later on. Good luck
  12. My cousin also stopped talking to me because of his family and I was hurt so I moved on. Anyway, make up your mind whether you want to get over her or you want to be with her. If you want to get over her, then stop thinking about her (fake it until you make it).
  13. Do what you feel is right for you, wait and watch how things evolve since you have plenty of time to think about it. I myself can't figure out what I have with my cousin, is it love or strong attraction. I am kind of insensitive to relationships, so can't really give you a sound advise .
  14. Depends on how you perceive their behavior, but what if they don't talk to you? But, when you know for a fact that they do have feelings for you. I believe in my instincts.
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