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    👍🏼Good Luck
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    Hi KC, Sorry to bother you again. I noticed that I am allowed to send '0' messages, please can you fix this problem as well. I don't really use private messages but, just in case if I ever have to use it in future. Your help is much appreciated ☺. Thanks
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    Well, just tell her. I really hope that she does not have feelings for you 😐. If my cousin came to me with this BS, it will piss me off because it is selfish and unethical and it will just complicate the situation.
  4. lmknjbhvgc


    Thank you for opening up, it helps a lot to analyze your situation. First, u know you have strong feelings for her no need to sacrifice them for anyone! Second, if you rebuild cousin relationship with her while having romantic feelings for her, it is going to complicate your life and it will create more confusion. Waiting is not easy but, sometimes it is better to wait than making wrong decisions. I hope your cousin talks to you, u really need a resolution!
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    I am not your cousin so I don't care about what you do. I don't know qhat sacrifice you are talking about.. but you are too full of yourself. Drink, spliff or medidate, do whatever but clear your thoughts.
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    Also, maybe you are overthinking. Maybe she never liked u or cared for u the way you are assuming or do you guys communicate with a secrete code language? Lol
  7. lmknjbhvgc


    What do you mean by cousins thing? 🤔 and that you care for her at much deeper level what does that mean? lol U seem so confused! First of all, cut through the confusion. If you care for her romantically on a deeper level then you can't be normal cousins! U r just thinking about yourself and what U want! May god bless u ☺.
  8. lmknjbhvgc


    You can't rebuild trust with anyone with that attitude! Your cousin never considered you as her romantic partner, so her reaction was normal. You think so highly of yourself and playing a victim here 😐, trust me it does not look impressive at all. If you dislike her so much, why do you even care to fix everything? U are so confused or not yet healed, give some more time.
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    Thank you so much ☺. Everything else is fine.
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    I tried but, still no luck. I disabled personal measages i guess. Now I don't know how to fix it 😔.
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    Hey, I don't know what I did to my account. I no longer have an access to private messages or mailbox. Something is not right lol, how do I get it back? Thanks
  12. lmknjbhvgc

    14 years passed but, feelings are same

    No, he is not single.
  13. Hmm its hard to conclude anything without knowing the details and it will not be a wise thing to give you advice based on my own experience. But, make sure that you are not just assuming that she has a bf just because she talks to a male friend. For an example, I know nothing about my cousin's life and I have strong urge to contact him (assuming he also feels the same way for me), but based on my previous experience I control my feelings, not because I don't like him or anything but, I feel like I have no right to intervene his personal life unless he wants to talk to me. Similarly, if your cousin shows you that she is happy with someone then respect her decision and love at a distance if you can lol. When I look back at my life and previous relationship, I laugh. I am aware of the kind of feelings I have for my cousin, but I will not say a thing to him because I know I tried and he didn't like it, so if he wants to then he will contact me. If its meant to be it will happen at the right time, only God knows. Anyway, good luck! If you truly love each other, it will happen when you two are ready for it. At that time, everything will fall in place. Till then have a fun ride 😉.
  14. Do not take my advice if it does not resonate with you, confess your feelings only if you have a strong feeling that you should and even then expect sudden upheaval. Strongs feelings can be deceiving and can give you bad and hurtful experience. So, do what you know is right for u and you should be doing. I strongly recommend follow your brain and not your heart. If she has feelings for you she will tell you one day.
  15. Talk to her but only when you are alone, that will ease your pain. But, do not expect her to reciprocate same feelings for you. You have a long adventurous road ahead of you lol, you will require a lot of patience. Once you confess your feelings nothing will remain the same. Do it only when you are ready to face the consequences. Good luck