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  1. I'm curently 17 and will be 18 in January which is when me and my cousin will tell our family about our relationship once we're independent enough, does anyone have any suggestions at all how we could break the news to them in the most peaceful way? I've considered writing a letter but I'm just not sure.. Any suggestion would help.
  2. Thank you lady c and guestdude for your input it really helped, and eased my mind.. I just don't know how we're going to tell our family when the time comes.
  3. Me and my cousin are a young couple and have been together for almost half a year, we are both Christian and come from a very religious family that is VERY against cousin relationship/marriage. Now, me and my cousin have researched online and in the bible and have not found one verse that is against cousin marriage, we are first cousins. Neither one of us have told anyone in our family we're dating or about the information we found, yet everyone in the family including my mother says we will be cursed and what not and it makes me feel a little lost.. Someone please give me feedback or confirma
  4. Me and my cousin are both young and have been together for a while. Although we are young we feel very strongly for each other,our relationship is a secret from family and others but recently my mother,sister,and his mother had some type of dream or vision that me and him had a cursed baby and we were cursed and its against God and all of that. Neither of us understand because we both know its not against God but they all share that opinion that it is..so at this point I just want and am open to any advice I can get.
  5. Me and my cousin are a young couple and we have been together for 2 months now. Even though it hasn't been that long we have already confessed our love for each other because we had these feelings way before we started dating. Today my cousin asked me if I was sure that being with him is what I wanted because of how our family is. He said we could just "stop now" and I can't help but feel like he is having second thoughts about being together because for me it's not that easy to stop feeling the way I do, I've never felt this way before about anyone but is it that easy for him? Does that mean
  6. I'm in a relationship with my cousin and we're young and haven't been together long, but he makes me feel like I'm in love for the very first time. I feel a real connection with him and I can tell the connection is mutual, I know our relationship is only just beginning and the first step to a beautiful future with him. I sometimes feel unusual because we are an African American couple and its not very common for people like us yo fall in love with their cousin but that feeling fades away when I get near or him or even think about him. I've never felt this way about ANYONE and I never would hav
  7. Hawk, Well me and him are an African Amercican couple so he feels it would be more difficult for our family to accept for some reason. We are both currently in Alabama where it is legal but i live in California where it is also legal. We considered moving to Canada when I turn 18 and graduate because we want to start a new and improved life in another country and we honestly have family almost everywhere in the US. I am very well aware though that we need to keep it in private until I am 18 and I'm willing to do so, I just want things to go right with us because I really want to be with him.
  8. Me and my cousin are both young, I will be 18 next year and he is 19,our family is completely against cousins being together and shove it off as nasty so how can we be together when they are against us so heavily and they don't even know we're together yet?
  9. Me and my first cousin have been together for a while and we're a young couple :azn: but hes older than me by a few years. We haven't told our family about us because we know they would be against it.We want to move to Canada to start a new life together soon but want to make sure it wouldn't be illegal to be together and get married..does anyone know if its still legal as of 2016 and the next years? Please tell me
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