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  1. How do your friends react?

    My friends are too narrow minded and pseudo macho to risk telling them however my partner/cousins friends have been really supportive. We have told 7 or 8 close friends plus a few of her work colleagues. They have all been great and are very happy that she has found happiness and love in me.
  2. We've been living as a couple for about 6 months now ....... it's amazing and wonderful and better than we could ever had hoped for. Initally we were both unsure how to 'be' as a couple living together but I'm sure this is the same to a certain degree for any newly cohabitating couple - cousins or not. However, we quickly became soooo comfortable with each other it all seems so natural now. We cook together, clean together, shop together, garden together, snuggle on the sofa watching TV in the evenings and go to sleep in bed entwined together as one. During the night we seem to involuntarily reach out and cuddle each other while we are asleep. When we wake every morning we look into each other's eyes and kiss. The normal things still happen - put the bins out on a Monday, pay the electricity bill, cat the grass, wash the cars etc etc. We both work full time and have friends both mutual and individual. Our mutual friends know about our cousin couple relationship and treat us like just any other couple. They are happy that we are so happy. Our work colleagues don't know that we are cousins but they do know we both have a significant other. We do lead a double life because our family doesn't know about our relationship but we suspect they may suspect. We are comfortable with this because we don't want to cause any unrest as our parents are in their 80's with some other family complications. When we are with them, which is often, we both seem to just slip into default cousin mode - it works quite well. We forget we are cousins and it rarely gets a mention. We feel like a normal couple, lovers, best friends and soulmates. Neither of us knew we could love and feel loved this much. LIFE IS AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL WITH MY SWEET LOVELY LADY (MLJ❤️)
  3. Cousin Couples Success Stories

    I'm not sure if it's appropriate for this forum, or even this site, so I apologise if this post content is deemed unsuitable and I welcome the moderator or site controller to remove it...... Intimacy The level of intimacy in the bedroom (& other places) that we enjoy and love is so far beyond anything either of us has experienced before, it's difficult to put into worlds. The incredibly strong emotional connection we feel is enhanced and intensified when we are physically intimate. I would say we are normal in terms of the activities but the joy, satisfication, mental, emotional and physical connection is nothing short of amazing (and oh so satisfying for us both) I'm not sure if this is a result of being first cousins or being in our early 30's with a little prior experience before we got together or whether it's a male/female attraction of the greatest intensity without the cousin factor but I do know we are amazing together ..... mentally, emotionally and physicall. On every possible level we are soulmates.
  4. What to do about love

    Go with your heart. My cousin and I did, life is wonderful with the one you love.
  5. Do you/have you regularly said "I love you"?

    We both said it for the first time on the night we first kissed. Neither of us 'throw' that word about easily so when it is said it has great meaning and feelings behind it. To My Wondeful Lovely Cousin, Lover and Soulmate ........ I Love You
  6. Happy anniversary

    I'm also 4 years since we re-met after 30+ years. Two years since we acted on our overwhelming feelings for each other. It's love like neither of us thought was ever possible. We constantly forget that we are 1st cousins.