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  1. Sorry she my grandmother sisters grand daughter and I'm just worried sorry I really love her just I need help
  2. Thanks hawk but my one problem is if she likes another guy if I'm not stepping further she may go away or there family might get her married like that? when should I say this to my mom and to her? thanks I'll take your advice btw I'm done my schooling btw thanks again and yes she's my second cousin ?
  3. Hello every one,uhh I'm 17 and I have a crush on my second cousin she's 16 or 15 I only seen her 6 times in my life she's my grandmothers daughters,daughter I really love her she has a big brother he's some what close with me he's my age. I really love her but when ever I meet her she calls me brother and it stabs me with a knife. So no ways of communicating through phones and I just fell for her. Sometimes she calls by my name. Should I say about my cousin crush to my mother is it too early to say or is it good to love your cousin? I wanted her to love me the way how I see her any help?
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