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  1. Hi. I am a 46 year old resident of NC (I also happen to be adopted). I have been in a serious relationship with my 1st cousin for about a year, she is 41 and is a resident of Ohio. We are both divorced and we both have custody of our high school age children (she 2, me 1). Before either of us actually looked into the legal aspects of marriage (between cousins), we had already had the discussion. While she is not opposed to moving to NC after her kids are in college (before mine is), we had discussed all the details; and given job availability, retirement plans, and the fact that the majority of our family resides in Ohio we had mutually agreed it would be Much easier if I moved to Ohio. So then we actually started researching legality of marriage. If she were a resident of NC, then it would obviously Not be an issue. Everything we can find on Ohio law is sort of confusing. In state marriage is obviously Not legal. Most of what can be found says out of state marriage will not be recognized, except that Obergefell v. Wymyslo, Seems to contradict that...but does it apply to Residents Of the state? And while some states have particular exclusions for "adopted" cousins, all we can find regarding Ohio is "unknown", which would lead me to believe "undefined in law"? Any knowledge, advice, or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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