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  1. Crystyle112

    Cousin Love?

    Thank you Romalee I agree wholeheartedly with your advice. Though he said he likes me I have no real proof he likes me and yes he still young so I know he dont want a long term relationship yet. Yes I just met him. I just felt an attraction towards him for some reason. I think it is best that I keep it cousinly with him. Though he did text me today two short messages. But I was getting ahead of myself I need to be patient and wait this out. Thanks Romalee
  2. Crystyle112

    Cousin Love?

    Thank you Sergio for your reponse. So are you saying I should leave my current relationship? Because my second cousin knows how I feel. That day I last texted him he gave one word response and I felt like he didnt want to text or talk to me. I mean for a whole week he texted and called me and now he doesnt contact me...? To me that is not showing he cares...it made me sad and I was angry at him. He knows I like him and that I am attracted to him. I havent seen or talk to him since Monday. I am not really angry at him but I am not really happy with him for how he treated me. What do you think? Am I overreacting or is this worth it? Any comments and/or advice is appreciated.
  3. Well Sergio the good thing is you both are still quite young. Its possible for cousins to be our soulmates. Not trying to be pessimistic but it seems you have the religion thing going against you for one. She is Catholic, you Agnostic. Two totally different religion. And she thinks it is gross says volumes. Maybe you should move on and not suffer anymore heartbreak. I know you love her but you have to love yourself more. And realize a great love is out there for you that you are worthy of that great love
  4. Crystyle112

    Cousin Love?

    Thank you Sergio(1998) for taking the time to read and post to my comments. As an update I went to church with my great Aunt, my second cousin, and his mom on this past Sunday. However, my second cousin acted like he didnt want to be around me, he sat far away and when it was hugging time for Benediction he didnt give me a hug?. I know I am the one in a relationship but my feelings have gotten stronger. Anyway I like dang really. So i texted him just now and told him how he acted like he didnt want to be around me. He said he text and talk to ppl all day but he stay in his room and keep to himself. I texted and said oh ok cool. I aint trying to change him but he went from texting to this. My heart is hurt a little well my feelings. So I thought the best thing to do is not pursue him as much. Text him and stuff but I dont want it to be awkward around each other at all. What do you think. Any advice and/or comments are welcome
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