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  1. Crystyle112

    Could it be im falling in love

    Of course I will continue to do the right thang and trust the Universe to bring it all together if its meant to be. I am not actively seeking him out or anything, and currently focusing on my relationship. I wish the forbidden feelings would go away. Thanks Serendipity for your words
  2. Crystyle112

    Ex going for custody

    Thank u soo much Leslie for taking the time to answer my questions. Of course I wouldnt act on my feelings knowing the current situation and will definitely keep things platonic. And he lives 2 hours away so thats good. Im not desperate by and means and if its meant we will be together. I love him regardless if we are never together at all. Which is the current reality. Ill just wait it out. What do u think? Also I hope your situation gets better keep me posted please and thanks in advance
  3. Crystyle112

    Ex going for custody

    I am glad I could be of help Leslie. I hope your situation improves. Also you posting updates will most certainly help others that are in a similar situation. Do you mind giving me some advice or your opinion on something? I am falling for my 1st cousin once removed. I am in a longterm relationship and he is married. I saw him our family reunion 15 years ago and recently saw him when I went to his dad's house (my great uncle). He is so personable and warm. I am finding myself thinking of him a lot. And its not lustful thoughts. More like love thoughts. Leslie I know my situation and his and I am not trying to hurt or breakup no marriage. And he doesnt know I have feelings for him. So is it possible these are love feelings? Also there is like a 20 year age difference. He has kids around my age. Due to me constantly thinking of him he must be thinking about me too. I just see how the Universe plays it out without me having to interfere. Overall what do u think?
  4. Crystyle112

    Ex going for custody

    Hi Leslie Im am vedy sorry you are in this situation. I also live in GA. And to me just a personal opinion it seems your ex is jealous and doing things to try to mess up your relationship. Unfortunately, by him stating what he said about your kids that is unfortunate and could probably hurt u in court. However, first cousin marriages are legal in GA and u should be ok. Best of luck to you and your hubby/cousin?
  5. Crystyle112

    Could it be im falling in love

    Thanks Serendipity. I started texting just to keep in touch in a cousinly way(family) way. As I did that I started thinking of him. I still continue to think of him but will not act on it. Thanks for your words
  6. Crystyle112


    Im glad things are going well in your relationship with your cousin/hubby?. However, I'm sorry yout twin sister is not so supportive and is treating your daughter like crap, but may be she will come around. Yes I believe sister ( immediate family) is important but your daughter happiness is more important than your sister's acceptance. Meaning if she treats your daughter like crap I wouldnt have my daughter around her. But as I stated hopefully she come around to love and acceptane. All the best?
  7. Crystyle112

    Reposting my story

    That is a lovely story, best wishes?
  8. Crystyle112

    Could it be im falling in love

    Hi I joined this forum last year because I was falling for a cousin but decided I didnt really want him. Anyways I recently met with my first cousin once removed last week when my aunt came down. We all gathered at my great uncle's house. We had a good time. Im in a relationship a he is married. I wasnt feeling attracted to him then and from being around him that short time he is very personable and warm. I started txting just to say good morning. Nothing more. He texts me back also. I know by him being married he is off limits and I will not pursue him cause of that and because Im in a relationship myself. But I keep thinkin of him and I know it sounds crazy but I feel in my heart he be the one for me. Its not a lust thing. I feel like we can be good together. But due to how things are now. I am praying God give me a sign or take away my thoughts/feelings. Cause Im not in the business of breaking up a marriage. But what do you all think could i be falling in love with him on the soul level based on what you all read here? Sorry if Im confusing you all. Thanks for your patience and any advice.