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  1. Should i tell her when i see her or over the phone?the thing is that i never really open up to a girl like the way i do her n i dont want to lie to her...and im scared to tell her..should i just w8 until she tells me how she feels n if she dont feel the same way,do i still tell her?
  2. I am 18 and she is 17....im not in highschool or in college..she is in highschool and plan on going to college..we both still live at home with our parents.
  3. Im in love with my grandma sister daughter...we talk to each other every single day from the last time i saw her..i think she likes me the same way but i just dont know if she does..she tells me she love me alot n that she cant live without me but maybe she says that to be nice..one of our conversation i told her that i love her alot n she said her more, when i tell her to explain to me y,she refuse to tell me....fyi we talk on the phone bc she live in SC...i told her if i c her again would she tells me n she said maybe..i could goo on for days with our convo but i just want to know what i should do
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