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  1. Hi all, I was in a relationship with this guy from past few months. We had met at a family function and knew that we are actually long distant cousins, we found each other very attractive, and have been dating since then. I really found him so cute and I really loved him from my heart, and we have even got physical with each other. But, now only I realized his real face, he wa a fraud, and did everything just to get money from me. When he realised that I’m not going to give him a single penny, he has taken a huge step and filed a suit against me for using drugs. Once when I was with him, he had forced me to use it, and I did it just to please him. He had taken pictures of me and now is blackmailing me with that. He has gone to the police with that as evidence and is saying that I have the possession and supply of drugs. He is really trying to trap me and get money from me. But since I know that I’m innocent and have not done anything wrong. I have consulted a criminal lawyers, http://www.torontodefencelawyers.com/practice-areas/drug-offences/, and they hvae ensuerd me that I will succeed in my fight. But, the problem is that I loved him so much that now, I just can’t get him out of my head. On one side, I have unlimited hatre for him, but on the other side, he is my first love and can never forget him . And moreover, since he is my cousin, our family has got involved, and things are getting worse. Need your advice on this, what could be done to solve this issue ? I just want to forget him.
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