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  1. RIVA

    Crack Comedy! Must see

    Great! I hope that everybody enjoys it as much as I did
  2. RIVA


    Haven´t seen posted the docu-comedy "Love at first cousin" made by Delanie Fischer, I tried to post the link but it doesn´t let me do that so I was hoping to catch a moderator´s eye since it could be a nice addition to the forum.
  3. RIVA

    Similar physical appearance

    yes, I´ve notices similarities. We don´t look a like physically but a couple of gestures and behaviors (like holding a spoon a certain way, things like that) make it seem so, but I can definetly see more of my father´s and brother´s gestures in him, maybe I have them too but I just don´t pay attention in myself. It´s very interesting how genetics play a huge rol in behaviour since our parents are brothers and people often confuse them thinking one of them is the other one or even think they are twins (they´re not), another thing could be that they were raised sort of the same with a different enviroment, they didn´t grow up together due to age difference.
  4. RIVA

    Cousin Relationship Gone Wrong

    Sounds like he took advantage of you because you were in a vulnerable place after your dad's issues. There's nothing wrong with you, now is time to let it go and move forward
  5. RIVA

    The parents of my boy friend área cousins

    Hola Gaby. Realmente no explicas el porque ese miedo ? Si es por sus futuros hijos... Hay exámenes genéticos. Si es por el tabú social... Realmente no hay porque irlo externado a todo el mundo.
  6. RIVA


    She says she has a relationship with her half-uncle and she doesn´t know how to tell their family, which is weird that she posts in spanish in a english forum. I don't understand if that could be her cousin in some degree or if he's her father's half brother. Could be a troll(?) Tienes una relación con tu medio tío? Él es medio hermano de tu papá?
  7. RIVA

    1st Cousins, Relationship Advice, Family Help

    You have a long distance relationship but have you seen each other in this past few months or 4 years? I might be adventuring here since your cousin and I have a similar background and I would only be talking from my experience and maybe projecting myself ... Standing up to a controlling parent isn't easy at all, specially if, as you say, she doesn't have exposure to real life and lives with them, if that's the case, she should work on that first to avoid future internal conflicts in general. She's right on asking time to grow up. And you're Right, in the mean time you might get hurt but believe me, if you truly love her you'll do the right thing for her, otherwise you might just be leading the relationship in your benefit which is selfish. BTW not saying to cut ties, just to let things flow. PS. I'm not helpful giving advice, so wait for an answer from someone else.
  8. RIVA

    Just venting

    Gabe, If not telling them at all or when we did would had been a better choise for what we are going through with our personal lives, we would had taken it way over this. Believe me, it isn't fun/nice/comfortable to know that I have 0 support from my family. Unfortunatly some people think I am crazy for thinking/acting different than them; not even mentiong the fact that I am dating my cousin. But, that's the way it is.
  9. RIVA

    Just venting

    Thank you MissPrice! I am hoping that they will be more acceptiing soon too. On the bright side, I am taking the admission test to get a degree this year, hopefully I'll be accepted
  10. RIVA

    Just venting

    The news are.... From my side: Last monday my parents found out I was coming to visit my CBF (cousin boyfriend). My mom "asked" to me to not come for a couple of hours, in which the conversation basically was: "It's wrong" "He's your blood" "Lev 18:6 (only 6)" "You are going to regret being with him (because he's my cousin and not because he is a bad person)" My dad became sick because of it (trying to make me feel guilty), all that followed by long periods of silence. So, now we are together. They haven't spoke to me since my arrival, not a single message, not even to know if I am well, nothing, just a simple text saying "happy birthday" through whatsapp... and I am so resented that I haven't called them either, but also I am a texting type, not a calling one. I don't know if we're going to start living together, so far this is just temporary. From his side: his mom doesn't really care, she went to a tarotist (?) and she told her that somebody is making witchcraft to us to separate us (my boyfriend believes it is my aunt doing it). His dad was not talking to him for a few weeks but now is; he doesn't support us and doesn't want to know anything about it but he is not rejecting his son. And his brother (also my cousin) is fully supporting of any cousin couple, since he knows another couple and says that this was very common in our background some time ago (according to my mom that is not true). I am finding it hard to accept my parents rejection, I knew it would happen but it is so upseting when it is, in fact, happening. And what makes it harder is that I am alone. I don't remember if I posted this but I told my best friend about it and she doesn't care!, I could talk to her but I don't want to be that type of friend.
  11. RIVA

    highly tensed

    Hi Geejo, are cousin relationships a taboo where you live?
  12. A few days ago was our 1st anniversary. - Hey Pooch, I don't consider myself bitter, although life circumstances have shaped my view of things in a way that is not very well accepted for most people. I was just talking to a friend whose parents are like mine and we have lived through very similar circumstances and said something important "seems like your parents are just complaining about you and not really making an effort to improve the situation, when I confronted my mom about X issues she started changing the way she talked and approached to me but your parents are still the same as before"... So, making some introspection, I am ready to just move out from their house very soon (I am looking for a place that is not my BF's house for my own sake and also jobs) and maybe they might start seeing me as an adult and not a baby girl they can control. If later on they decide not to genuinely love and respect me, then who knows. - Nope, I am not pregnant. - Of course I have talked to my BF! He is respecting my decisions to not to interfere between me and my parents, giving his opinion only when I ask him to, and keeping me grounded in this whole situation. He is also willing to support me no matter what I choose to do. -"you gotta figure out a way that you can go on and everyone involved will be amicable" About this... We have also talked about it and we can´t figure anything yet, but we are on it. I forgot.... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR ADVICE AND INTEREST! Hopefully next time I post here I will be in a better spot
  13. I just feel so frustrated that they are going behind my back. Even tho it shouldn't be a surprise.they always done that.
  14. I can't really be a good daughter. Never been. Never was. Not like they were good patents either... I know that I don't owe them any thing consciously since they were the ones who decided to have me and therefore they have that obligation towards their kids but subconsciously I crave for that emotional support that was never given to me. there were some factor that made us rush the decision in our lives but I don't want to expose them. I am so heart broken. We found out that my parents are making plans to separate us but we don't know exactly. What is going on. Btw I live in Mexico.
  15. RIVA

    How long should I give it?

    There is no real time set. Here's a post from a similar question link And this is something I asked, also related to your question link But, according to what you are explaining in your post, it's not the right time for you to come out as a couple.