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  1. RIVA

    Leviticus 18:6

    This! I totally agree but, even tho my mom does go to church every week and participate in a few activities, she's the type of persons who says "do as I say not as I do, learn from my mistakes" which is O.K.
  2. RIVA

    Leviticus 18:6

    Right! People usually only use what is best suited for them (bible verses related). But if the bible is the "main reason" on - why you should not date your cousin - then there is really nothing to discuss, as it says absolutely nothing.
  3. RIVA

    Leviticus 18:6

    Well, it is a very common belief, I guess, specially among christians.
  4. RIVA

    Leviticus 18:6

    * Opening a new topic for this, but not sure if it has already been answered. My mom, (probably the one who will be most "devastated" about me and my first cousin dating), is the one who will need more "convincing" in the religious view that cousin marriages are not forbidden... She knows that it is not forbidden anywhere in the bible (or at least mentions it) and she has stated the fact that in the early days of humanity, it was necessary the marriage between close relatives in order to increase the number of people in this planet (as god commanded it to Adam and Eve). But, she claims that since then we have been getting more and more corrupted and that reflects in our genes, (we get old sooner, weaker, there's a lot of evil in this world...) But she still has the concept in her mind that cousin marriage is an abomination same as homosexuality (not a homophobe, just what god accepts or not), and I am pretty sure she will bring the paragraph from Lev 18:6 and not move forward to the next ones, meaning that the next verses are just examples. And will not accept the fact that CM are allowed nowadays, due to there's a lot of people in the world, there are 7.4 billion people, why choose your cousin? Even if CM were mentions to be forbidden in the bible, the main issue would be that the offspring could have genetic defects, right? If that's the case, my cousin and I have we both decided separately that we are not having kids, not of ours, not of anybody else´s, (we just happen to share that view and we both have our reasons), and we there's even more "conflict" with us not wiling to reproduce to the eye´s of pretty much every body. So, if genetic issues is the main problem then, we have nothing to worry about. I am not making any questions, just putting some thoughts out there. Thank you for reading if you reached this far.
  5. RIVA

    sodoma and gomorrah

    Thank you for clearing that up for me Lady C. I had the idea that that was not one of the reasons why it was destroyed. I´ll check that page right away.
  6. Today my mom and I were having a talk about bible, god, religion, and so. At some point of the conversation, my mom mentioned that god destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah due to their sexual perversion, men laying with men, women with women, fathers with daughters, cousins with cousins. Now, that last thing I don´t remember being mentioned, but my question of those of your who do read the bible and are Christians, does it mention that? is that really why god destroyed those cities? Made a little bit of research and did not find anything related to cousins.
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