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  1. based on what i know, there are histories of hypertension on my father's side. i just dont want to talk about her leaving me coz i dont believe that will happen. maybe just overthinking of things.and if that will happen, i dont know what would i feel.i dont know i can handle it since shes my first love. i would feel very very bad. i never give up on us, and if we are really meant to be, she would not leave me.
  2. Thank you for giving me advice. Yes, we live from different provinces. Thats what she always telling that she wants to finish her college. As of now we dont talk about living separately since we both focusing on our career. im just overthinking of things that probably happen for our future together. and i dont want living without her. One thing also, i noticed that something has changed.i dont know what she really feels because if we have a little fight and misunderstanding she always end breaking and i am the one always convincing her to stay. And her sweetness faded away. I dont really know what is going in her mind. Sometimes i am thinking that maybe she found someone else coz we were apart. i dont know. but she always telling that she loves me too much and she is the kind of girl that is loyal. She's also afraid that we might having an abnormal babies and i always keep on telling her that it is not true. she has a lot of negative thoughts and im scared that she will leave me and dont come back. i will follow your advice on not telling it to our parents and relatives. i dont know what will be the reaction of my aunt (living in norway) who support me with my studies if she will know this things.
  3. we want to be together in the future. just like ordinary married couples. getting married, to be happy and have a family. we aint tell our parents nor our friends.i dont know if they agree with our relationship but i guess its a big no. we were together for.about 3 years ago and that when the sparkle starts. she stayed in our house for 8 month. i am really comfortable with her. we have something in common. we talk together, laugh together with crazy things and sometimes we walk together with holding hands even there are people.seeing us. hahaha. that time i am really fallin inlove with her.and before she go back home, we already express our feelings and start our relationship. i guess our relationship is the hardest of all since we are first cousins and a long distant relationship. the only thing that keep us together is through facebook, texting and calling. we do have a lot of breakups because of such reasons but she always come back. shes my first love and im her first love too. by the way im a seafarer and im in the ship right now. i am planning to visit her when i will be signing of coz really miss her so badly.shes the most beautiful girl and i want to spend the rest of my life with her. shes 19 now and currently in college and im 22. we really want to marry soon but it is strictly prohibited in the philippines. i really hate it .our government dont want us to be happy :-( i dont know how can we marry and where. and how can we convince our psrents and relatives because probably they wont agree specially on my family side.i am really glad thst i discovered this site and express my love story. we really need your advice because we want to be happy together, forever.
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