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  1. Hello all, Recently, my friend’s account was hacked, and she had to face a lot of issues because of that. The recent rise in the number of hacking activities, has got me wondering, are our online passwords and transactions safe ? I recently read that, hackers have created some software, that can try ten millions of passwords combinations per second, https://www.campisilaw.ca/blog/password-safe-might-vulnerable-think , and it’s a matter of worry for us. I think, the only possible solution to this, or rather the only thing we can do is, make our passwords stronger, by making it complex. And try including numbers, symbols, upper case and lower case too. By, doing this, we can possibly try to prevent our accounts from being hacked.
  2. Happy for you guys, Conrgrattss, and all the best !!
  3. Hey, really cute.. !!! All the best to you guys.
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