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  1. clayp72

    Found each other and in love

    Just enjoy the love you have together and don't focus on what anyone else thinks. They don't get a vote
  2. clayp72

    Im in love with my second cousin help!

    I'd drop hints like a madman. I did and it paid dividends
  3. clayp72

    The black sheep of our families!

    I say go for it. Let us know how it progresses!
  4. clayp72

    Tell me your thoughts on this

    I say if you love each other, then be together. You don't have to explain yourselves to anyone
  5. clayp72

    In love with my cousin

    Does she know about the uncle encounter?
  6. Seems to me the chemistry is there. I really hope this pans out. Keep us posted!!
  7. clayp72

    Bad Security Credentials?

    All day yesterday I couldn't pull the site up at all. It just said the page's security credentials couldn't be verified or something like that
  8. clayp72

    1st cousins

    So it's 2018, we have same sex marriage but we're still treated like this? Insane
  9. clayp72

    Am I wrong

    Tell him. I'm thinking it will work out
  10. I did get an inbox from a guy asking if my cousin/gf would be interested in being in a documentary about cousins who are happy. Username was tullman. Is this who you're talking about?
  11. Quite possibly the 2nd (the first is self explanatory) biggest adrenaline rush ever. Still get it every time we kiss
  12. If she was on board I would for sure but as of right now she's not
  13. clayp72

    Lust for cousin

    Absolutely! I did it and it's been Heaven on Earth ever since