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  1. McKenzie83

    My Story

    Exactly. When I talked to her it was in the first couple weeks after the party. We now just have a normal cousin relationship like nothing happened. I just hope it doesn't affect her current relationship because she is with a good man.
  2. McKenzie83

    My Story

    This is my message to Peaches. I don't know if she's read it, I haven't heard from her. I'm now posting it hoping it might help others. You asked for my story so here it is. First a little background. My family left Ca. for Oregon when I was 10 but we made several visits over the years. The last one was in '83 when I was 18 and my youngest cousin was 3. That was the first time I met her. When I was 23 I moved to Bakersfield. When I was 33 I wanted to leave,I thought about going back to Oregon but my aunt said "Why don't you move here?" I had a commercial drivers license and didn't want to deal with the whole interstate hassle I figured it was worth a shot. I stayed with them until I found a job a few weeks later. When I saw my cousin I instantly had a "Cousin Crush". She is the one of the most beautiful women I've ever known. At this point she was 18 and still a virgin. I kept it to myself because I thought it was weird and wrong. After living here a couple years, my cousin actually gave me the phone number of a woman. We met on a blind date and we've been happily married for almost 16 years. My cousin has been in a long term relationship for 10 years. Now here's where it gets interesting. My relatives kiss family members on the lips. She never did that with me, I just figured it was because she was young and didn't know me that well. But as the years past she would do it when she was drunk. I just thought while she was drinking she loosened up a little bit. Now fast forward to last November. We were at a birthday party for my wife(her 50th) We rented a hall and invited about 100 people. My cousin got more hammered than I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure she was at the "Blackout stage" of drunk. At one point she said "I love you" and gave me a kiss on the lips. Then she tried to put her tongue in my mouth. I backed off and she said "I'm sorry" I told her "Don't worry. No one saw and we can forget it." She said "No, I'm sorry I let you go. I've loved you since you moved here." I told her "I'm flattered but I love my wife. " She left, maybe a little disappointed. But this was not a time to discuss it. I've had many emotions running through my mind trying to deal with this. But in the long run I made a choice and I would never do anything to hurt my wife and cast aside the love of a good woman. She does not deserve that. The timing is unfortunate but why throw away a good thing for an unknown situation? I talked to my cousin a few times afterwards when we were alone and gave her chances to talk about it. I'd say things like "Wow you were pretty hammered at the party" or " That was a hell of a night" She never acknowledged what happened. Whether she doesn't remember or is embarrassed, I won't push her. She will always have a place in my heart but it just wasn't meant to happen for us. I hope you can find something in my story to help you. Please don't be afraid to ask me anything.
  3. McKenzie83

    What do you guys do to have fun

    When we got married 16 years ago my wife and I decided we would try to do something we've never done, or go somewhere we've never been at least 3-4 times a year. We've taken vacations in D.C. , Idaho, an Alaskan cruise, and many other places.In February we went snowmobiling for the first time. Next weekend we're going to a Celtic festival. And whether we enjoy it or decide "Never again" the point is we are experiencing and sharing it together. There is so much to see and do in this world I'm sure you'll find something you'll both enjoy.
  4. McKenzie83

    I’m deeply in love with my cousin but married

    Peaches, There is a lot of great advice being given here and I hope you take it to heart. I've been reading this site for years and it is a good resource for people like us. If you love your husband and children you should use every fiber in your body to make it the best it can be. I say "us" because I'm in a similar situation. I won't talk about it here, this is your story. I may post about it later. I wish you all the luck.