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  1. Hi all, After being in a relationship for 4 years, me and my cousin got married. Initially, our families did not approve of it, but in the end, all had to agree. We got married 2 months ago, but have couldn't yet go for a honeymoon because we had to get back to our work soon after marriage and couldn’t take a break. Now, finally, we are taking a break, it’s our honeymoon, and we have chosen the beautiful Barbados as our destination. I have heard that The Crane beach there, is one among the most beautiful beaches, and it has even been rated as one of the top 25 sexiest beaches in the world by CNN, sounds really interesting, just can’t wait to get there. Has anyone been there for honeymoon ? What are the must do activities there in Barbados ?
  2. Useful info. Thanks for sharing. Urges us to give it a thought.
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