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  1. Now i feel i should just stay away from her. She has intentionally/unintentionally messed up my mind. Good riddance. Thanks for your suggestions everyone.
  2. Is it normal for my second cousin to casually talk about her menstruation with me? Just a little bit of context here. I am a 30 year old single man and my second cousin is a 33 year old single woman. I am in love with her now but she says she doesnt love me as we are brother and sister. But the way i look at it, the only reason I fell for her is that she used to share all her personal details with me. Details about her menstruation and the pain that she has to go through etc etc. To top it up she once asked me to buy sanitary pads for her which i obliged. All these signals are confusing. She has never spoken about sex with me nor has she flirted with me. But once i was alone at home and she slept next to me for an afternoon nap. She keeps talking to me about her failed relationships and it seems i am her only friend with whom she shares her feelings. My question is that, is it normal on her part to do all this with me? Or am i misunderstanding?
  3. i think she has financial problems and hence she wont be able to afford an apartment for the first two months. The writing is on the wall, isnt it? I am being exploited here. May be she doesnt want to consciously exploit me but this is her only way out i guess. How am i supposed to allow her to stay with me for two months and control my feelings for her? Is it even humanly possible? I m crazy about this girl.