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  1. No fiction. I don't like fake stories . I like to learn
  2. That is awesome. I want to find more books
  3. Has anyone read : Forbidden relatives - the American myth of cousin marriage ? I just received it from ordering online Pretty informative!
  4. Where in the world can you move and marry your first cousin with no problems? Any place it's social norm ? Tried to scan this site but it's difficult to search.
  5. Who all lives in what states? Has anyone found less judgement in certain areas? We are having to move out in a two week timeframe since our family found us out and is giving us the boot... So we are staying local in our own place for a year, hoping that we find something soon enough anyways, then we plan to move to another state.
  6. I couldn't be happier with Dean <3 maybe I could... But it's real good right now so glad to hear others who are happy too! We are like magnets, we can't stand to not touch each other. I love it. Every time his fingers brush across my skin when he walks past me it's like I lose my breath for a moment. I can't get enough! Our relationship is a bit more different than the average CC probably, as I am polyamorous and he is monogamous. So there are a couple hurdles but they aren't a huge deal. We have open communication and trust and that is the most important thing. We were caught the other night lol. I was sitting in the living room in my bra and shorts in between his legs and he was wearing jeans and no shirt and I had my arm up holding his hand. My mom's boyfriend walked through the house half asleep to go to the bathroom and looked up n said well then.... And kept going towards the bathroom. Hahahahaha. Then yesterday he went into deans room and I was standing in the doorway and he said so. . you guys ever hear the term kissing cousins? Dean and I busted out laughing and I was like well yeah.... Then he said something about the hills have eyes and having nightmares that night and shook his head and walked out lol...
  7. Just talk with em.. if they don't like you back that way you can't change that. Learn and grow just like standard relationships.
  8. He makes me so happy and he's fun! Super ticklish too ^•^
  9. I am Amanda and I have been seeing my first cousin, Dean, for about two months. We feel that this is very special! I have two children, and he has none. We did grow up together for a few years off and on but then I hadn't seen him these past oh gosh like 12 years? He moved to town to get back in touch with his mother's side of the family and has landed himself here with me only our best friends know about us. Both of us live in my mother's home so it can be quite stressful at times. We live in Florida so it is legal also. Feeling a bit alone and weird I decided to look this forum up. I know we aren't alone! We want so badly to make things public but we don't want the backlash that comes with it just yet. We have a pretty judgmental family. Everyone's "weird" but not quite like this lol so when they find out it might be a nail biter. They do have suspicions and Pike fun at us sometimes but we brush it off and laugh to ourselves like if they only knew ! Fellow CC please do join the conversation
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