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  1. @Harjeet SinghSorry bro, but its been three years and I never proposed her. I decided to go against proposing her. It was true love at that time but I strictly followed some of my own set of rules to forget a girl. And it was successfull. How did I managed to not love her as a girl and as a cousin sister, well that's an entirely different case. PM me if you wanna know.
  2. Hello everyone, I am new here, never new these kind of forum does exist, or never cared. Why? never thought I will tell her. I will go in detail, so please give me some advice. I am 25 years old male, I love my 19 years old cousin sister, who is daughter of brother of my mother. This love is not like love at first sight, rather it is a slow process which developed from likeliness, to crush, to love, and now I think it will be very difficult for me to survive without her. So, I finally decided to just get done with it, do or die, if she says she loves me too then its great, and if sh
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