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    Thank you so much for your time in responding! I will get back to you more later, but briefly; our choice of donor sperm has other reasons too so it's just another "bonus" factor for us that we no longer have to consider that risk. It's not the same as IVF, so the cost and whatnot are much reduced from what you're probably thinking. What you said about "countering with facts" really struck a chord with me. I am a very science/ fact-based type person (vice an emotional perspective) and can imagine how to do that. I'm letting fear get to me
  2. Marie


    Hello! My husband (1st cousin) and I have been married 7 years. We have decided to go forward with trying to grow our family using donor sperm. I must admit to feeling great guilt on the subject; I don't want my own choice to accept the consequences of our taboo relationship to be forced on our children. I worry for them! May I ask about other parents and how they traverse this aspect of childbearing? I want to avoid imposing shame whilst not setting them up for harassment.
  3. There are other options for having children as well! My husband and I have chosen to use a sperm donor and IUI. Genetic counseling can help determine your risk factors. Talk to your doctors, don't jump into such a big decision; you want to feel confident that you did the best for your child