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  1. ITGeek

    How to get past the scared state

    No new news Santoro, I do not see anything in the future. Sad to say, Thanks for asking.
  2. ITGeek

    How to get past the scared state

    Thanks Quarter, She is amazing, just not in the cards. I will most likely be a lurker as I was before. Probably best for me to post in the tech forum. i do enjoy the success stories. Those show lots of courage!
  3. ITGeek

    How to get past the scared state

    I managed to get her to come to this thread. I told her how I felt. She already knew, I am sure. Definitely was not the result I wanted, but I respect her wishes and in the end I do want her to be happy. Seems she is dating someone that has a personality like mine. I was a bit cheeky, if you will, and said he must be fantastic! Not sure that went over real well, but anyway. I do appreciate getting some other points of view. I wasn't looking for a relationship when this one turned me upside down. I still have the memories and they are awesome! Cheers everyone!
  4. ITGeek

    How to get past the scared state

    Wow, thanks Hawk,
  5. ITGeek

    Just thinking

    Agreed, Betray me and we are done. If I really cared about a gal, she would know it. The passion I have for that person can move mountains. When a betrayal has happened... ,
  6. ITGeek

    How to get past the scared state

    Small update, We had a small conversation today. It was nice to hear from her. It was a nice, how are you doing conversation. Whats going on type conversation. While I miss the deeper conversations we had it was nice. I did not push for anything more. I wanted to tell her to come check the site out and maybe become a member. Just did not want to push her away.
  7. ITGeek

    How to get past the scared state

    Quarter, if I may ask, what were some of your hang ups, why? And how did you move past them?
  8. ITGeek

    How to get past the scared state

    Feel like I am waiting her out right now. I do not want to push to hard. She will have to changer her mind on her own. She has initiated communication a few times. I do get that relationships are hard. This type most likely will add one more hurdle to get over. When the opportunity comes up, i will ask her to have a read, and maybe she will contribute. Kind of doubt she will, but I have been wrong once before .
  9. Hi all, Cliff Notes version: Facbook Messenger --> set her up with a friend, date went well, not attracted to friend. One week later, we are still messaging/texting back and forth, she comes to see me and family, my brother was in from out of town. My brothers read all the signs, but mum is the word. Whirlwind month of seeing and dating one another, with the constant worry, for her, of our relative status. A month later she decides it is more than she can deal with. During the month we were dating, she did tell her mother, her mother was understanding and seemed considerate of the situation. I told my brothers officially, and a few friends who I really did not know which way they would lean on the issue, but everyone I had discussions with were overall approving. We rarely communicate now, and I still think about her morning, noon and night. 1st cousins once removed. but most have no idea what that really is. I am good with 2nd cousins as a label. I am 99% sure I am done having children. She is open to the idea of more kids, but we are in the 40-44 age group. How do I help my cousin get past her scared state? There were some very strong feelings on both sides, and there still are.