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  1. @MissPrice I think I agree with you because I see care in his eyes. I work at his restaurant as his assistant. I told him I'm quitting the job a few days ago because I was not finding myself efficient enough for the job. He got pissed and stopped talking. I met him next day when I came to visit his mum. Was about to leave his house and was saying him good night when I saw an expression on his face. He stared at me for a second or two giving me a hurt/sad look and said "yeah, good night." I was quite baffled by that look because his eyes were like telling me something. Never saw
  2. My cousin isn't much expressive when it comes to his feelings. I can assume he likes me but not sure. Talking about sex with him, it's very hot and passionate. We would always stare into each other's eyes the whole time we make love. He loves to pleasure me without asking for it in return and feels happy seeing me orgasm. Even though I did an embarrassing thing while we were doing it, he still didn't find it bad. He just took me in his arms, kissed me and told me it's alright. One night when we were having sex he got on top of me holding me tightly in his arms and groaning sexily as I wra
  3. Thanks a lot @pooch Sure I will. I'll keep updating if anything interesting happens between us. @quarter25 @MissPrice For now, it's only " talk when needed" situation going on between us. Everything's fine when we are with people but when alone he just stays aloof. But on friendship day I made him a friendship bracelet and tied it on his hand. I was so surprised he liked that simple bracelet so much, he was actually looking at it couple of times and smiling. And next day, he gifted me cute earphones. I desperately needed one and he kept that in mind which shows he still cares about
  4. He's confused I think. A part of him hasn't forgotten his ex yet. And another part of him doesn't want to let go of me. He told me that he's gonna hate the guy who will marry me and that he would certainly never attend my wedding. He has given thoughts of me being his wife and we have children together. That's why I thought giving up being his fwb is a good option. He's going through a rough time and I want to be with him as a good friend. But he just can't separate the sex. I told him to choose some other fwb who would satisfy him more but nope, it's me or nobody else. I'm giving him spa
  5. I have asked him, he said she was a part of his life because he had loved her. And he cherished my note because when he used to miss me he would read it and smile. Nobody knows about the letter as he keeps it away in a special place.
  6. Yeah people do think about their exes, I do too but is it normal to keep your ex's picture in your wallet? But then why kept my note if he was in a relationship with that girl?
  7. I mean, we were never that much emotionally close. Both of our families had arguments and fights and that always drifted us apart. But this time things are different as we are trying to bring peace to both of the families so that the family bonding stays. So, him and I weren't that much close. Talking about the closeness, well, he will always be there to check on me and make sure I am fine and not having problems. Will sit next to me during family dinner. Every time I am at his place he would just find reasons to be around me. One day he defended me so harshly from an argument that my aun
  8. But is it not rebound if my cousin wants a relationship with me? When asked he told me I am not his rebound and that he imagines a future with me. He showed me a little love note that I gave him 7 years back and told me he kept it safe so that the note didn't get ruined or torn. When I asked why he still kept that note he replied "that's the only thing I have of yours and I missed you all these years more than you think." I really don't know what to do. I have feelings for him but I am not sure what he wants from me. He basically stopped having sex with girls after he met me. He still th
  9. I want my relationship to be normal now like cousins. No sex or anything.
  10. Sorry for the long description but I need some advice. My maternal first cousin recently had a bad separation. His ex cheated on him and broke his trust. Although he told me he doesn't want anything to do with her anymore I think he hasn't moved on completely yet. The reason I say this because I've accidentally found her picture in his wallet. Anyway, so I met my cousin after 7 years. We had a thing 7 years back but that didn't last for some reason. Now, that I met him again the spark started to return. We both are deeply attracted to each other and sexual tension is massive. As we did
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