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  1. Did you guys read the post. I don't see how this whole long post doesn't give enough info. Also the post talks about my paranoia which is the reason why I want to know. Everytime I see her, it bothers me.
  2. What more information do you want? I would love to just focus on myself and not worry about her because were not going to form a relationship or anything anyway but I see her almost every other day, so it's hard. If she doesnt give me any signs at all that she even cares, then OK I'll know she doesn't like me but she does give signs but its still hard to tell with them. If she wasn't my cousin, oh yea she likes me. With a cousin these signs could be a friendly cousin kind of thing but you don't know which is why I'm paranoid and need to know. I can't keep feeling depressed like this. I'm tryin
  3. OK for the sake of this post her name is going to be Sharkesha. I'm sorry this is long, but I need to express everything and I hope you guys understand and continue to still read it. I really like my first cousin Sharkesha. She is so beautiful and adorable but she's 17 and I'm 24. We're cousins, so I don't want anything between us, no dating, no sex etc. We don't talk that much because she's shy. I do have immense paranoia though. I really like Sharkesha and want to know if she likes me back. She lives on the other side of the country. Me and my family visit them and other relative
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