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  1. Well that's good but I told you to cut the relationship that you're in right now on or off before you make any move... But after that relationship goes away then you can start a new one..
  2. That's not what I meant in that formate.. she got to Digest it first and then be more open to her about your feelings... Be passionate but not a Disney movie passionate... You get on what I'm saying..
  3. Oh that's good... Just let it sit in her mind... And then tell her that your heart wants her...
  4. you to have the final choice because you know her best than any one of us online... We are just here to give out of advice...
  5. It's going to take at least 3-6 years of when your opportunities come out
  6. ??? agree to it... I would wait to if I was u
  7. Well until y'all relationships end that's y'all currently in.. then you can get things done...
  8. Yes... That means allot... ?.. go for it and tell her how u feel about her.. she most likely feel the same way
  9. That's the spirit.. let's us know how it went...
  10. I co-sign on that part I think that you should follow your heart and try to make a scenario and ask her on what would you do if we wasn't cousins... Also accident after she feel about you and bring it up.
  11. No because of you being a coward... I'm done trying to convince someone who can't function for himself...
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