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  1. Please go to my YouTube channel Sage nation and drop a like And subscribe to my channel and give me much support please and thank you
  2. Then we're the ones to challenge the controversy topics that can change the world. Is a waste of time to preach it to others... It's time to research it and gather information of it and why is it like this in the world. That's your first thing you need to do. You need to educate yourself first before you proceed. And put yourself in a work of it.
  3. I don't know anybody from India. And if I do then situation won't be your situation or our situation... You got to make it about your own situation. Everybody have a key to their own door... You need to figure out a way to better yourself and surround yourself with positive people that do believe in marriage of your cousin. Gather the facts and then produce them. And never ever be afraid to tell the world who you really are. You're somebody that is in love with their cousin... And I'm getting tired of people having the misconception about the whole thing because there's nothing wrong with it.
  4. No.. not the interviewer.. the guy in first few minutes with the paper in his hands... Chris Cuomo
  5. Well... I'm not the one who started this topic... But have a good point... But it's so hard to convince someone else to jump with you....
  6. Paranoia is always a problem. You should just simply tell her how you feel. And see if she feels the same. You don't know unless you try.
  7. If y'all can get married at y'all location then that's great. And I also know what the same stigma as well too and I'm in the USA. However certain places are legal to do it. In the USA. Anyway y'all can. And y'all are in a better position than I am because my cousin acknowledge her feelings at some point and then trying to bury them. Y'all two are madly in love. And y'all should be brave and move in with each other. And if you feel uncomfortable by being at that location. I recommend to move somewhere else and live your life because it's between you and the other person now. Good luck
  8. The guy that's telling about the story he's on CNN. And that's cool that you're doing it. I wish there more News Network do the same thing.
  9. I'm in the same boat too and my cousin blocked me on all social media. Well technically delete her account. Anyway it's going to be rough if she's going back and forth on it. In my opinion I think you should get yourself together first. Because that's very important. But I think you should be brave and accept your feelings first. And tell her that she is wrong to mislead you in that type of way and tell her that you are part of the CC community. It's just my opinion
  10. Well thank you for sharing your story. In my opinion, from me and generally I don't be like dealing with other people that's in a relationship because I don't want to be the one to separate two people or get involved that way. However, if you are in this position you should simply tell him your concerns. And ask him what do he think about you. Also tell him that he should be more involved with his girlfriend rather he be more involved with you. Just to see where he stands between you and the girl. If he picks the girl and then you know what he stands if you picked you then you know.
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