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    Brand new, stopping in to say hi!

    There are so many things I want to say...but I'll leave it at this: Please, pinch yourself and go away. I finally find a resource for something I'm going through in hopes of finding others, that's where I came up with the like-minded individuals you dolt, not some sort of "hippie commune" as you so put it. I was hoping to find people who could help me navigate through how to deal with family and society should our secret come out before we are ready. His children are all on board and that's the support I really need, but no one is sure how to proceed. I came here, as I said, looking for inspiration and support, and all I get instead of a "welcome" and "here's what we've been through" is someone trying to force their ideas and ideals on to another person. This is not welcoming, and it's not helpful, yes you're terribly harsh, and I have several personal opinions which I'll keep to myself. If this is what this group is going to be and I will gladly leave in hopes of finding some place that WILL help me navigate this slippery slope. And KC, just for your information you're dealing with the anthropology major with a psychology minor… I'm not an idiot, sorry to inform you of that.
  2. Alison

    Brand new, stopping in to say hi!

    It is not at all religious based, apparently you don't read. I do love SC with all my heart and you have ZERO idea what you're talking about. Thank you for being so judgemental and hate filled! I came to this forum looking for like-minded individuals where I could find people going through the same thing...instead I find you. Someone more closed minded, hateful and rude than I could find in open society. Thank you for your opinion which I find odious.
  3. Hi all! I'm Alison, divorced , I live in the south (no jokes please ?), I'm in my mid 40's, my love (SC) is 9 years older. I'd always felt an attraction to SC growing up I but felt it was a taboo so I never did anything about it. Two years ago I happened to put a selfie on Facebook (something I never do!), he private messaged me and made the first step… I've never been happier with anything in my entire life! We finally got to be alone that fall...and realized we want to be together...we want to be married. We are not conventionally religious and believe in polygamy OUTSIDE of religion. SC is married and his wife is on board for the most part. She can't quite wrap her mind around the family connection, but she doesn't condemn it and we are all very open to all discussions with one another. I dearly love her, she's truly the most amazing woman ever! Our family will be be devastated, and I don't want to be the cause of any pain, but I've done everything for everyone else my entire life...I've never lived for ME...I've never had a life...it's time I finally get what I want. Thank you all! ?