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  1. I completely understand. I didn't bring up the Colombia thing as an excuse or anything. Just to suggest that her family might be more accepting of a cousin relationship, as well as her dating at her current age. That's all. As for her age, I don't plan on asking her out anytime soon. I just wanted advice on how to deal with the emotions. And I meant the dating when she IS 16, not now. And even then, I want to wait until she's 18, at least. I would definitely not say she and I are exceptions to your point about technology. She is always on her phone on social media, as am I. I know th
  2. Thank you for your feedback, everyone. I knew I'd get some sort of reaction about the age gap thing, so allow me to clarify a few points: In addition to marriage laws, I also researched age of consent laws out of morbid curiosity. K is half Colombian. Her mother, who has legal custody of her, is from Colombia, and K visits there frequently and has other family from there as well. In Colombia, from what I've read, the age of consent is 14. So to a majority of her family, she is old enough to date. On top of that, cousin marriage is a common practice there, or at the very least not nearly a
  3. Hi, everyone! I'm Toby, and I just found this site yesterday. I'm extremely glad I did, because I could really use some advice and support. But first, a bit about me. I'm 20 years old, a sophomore in college. I won't give away too much, but I will say that cousin marriage is legal in my state, which I was thrilled to find out. Also, Toby is a pen name I chose for this site for the sake of anonymity. If everything works out, I may be more open about my identity. I'm really not ashamed to be here. I found this site through extensive research on marriage laws because, lo and behold, I s
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