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  1. JessieWoodard57

    been a while....

    ...since I stopped by to say hello .....its been 6 years since Judy passed and I guess it's been that long since I checked in, but my faith in the Lord moves me forward daily. I doubt I will ever marry again after being married to your first cousin for 21 years it's hard to look elsewhere . Please no one say sorry for your loss or feel sorry or sad for me. Over they years I learned the worst thing to say is "sorry for your loss" I never speak those words now a simple "praying for you and the family" works much better. You don't learn that until you lose a spouse and the emptiness of those words rings true.. Enough of me....I hope Y'all are all great....Lady C and Mark , KC and LC ...not sure who is still around. You'll see me drop by now and then and leave a note of encouragement or drop of wisdom ...Love you Guys and GOD bless
  2. JessieWoodard57

    Shocked by friends reaction

    reminds me of My ENC-1101 class and the looks and question I got when I presented my final essay which was on ... Jessie Woodard Jr ENC 1101 Ms. E. Holman September 13, 2003 Research paper topic: Kissing Cousins, The myth, and the facts behind cousin marriage Thesis statement: Society has for a long time had the facts about first cousin marriage wrong. I shall attempt to set the record straight as to the medical and moral facts of first cousin marriage. As well as introduce you to many famous married cousins. Got an A+ on it and a lot of great questions Some friends make look at it as awww if they truly are friends they will love you anyway
  3. JessieWoodard57

    Cousin has me wondering...

    invite her to dinner and a movie ...or bowling and see what transpires ...you could be pleasantly surprised You may end up needing a new residence
  4. JessieWoodard57

    Cousin feelings

    if she is not correcting the people on "married" then I believe you will find she has feelings just as you do ...I will never forget my line..."If you weren't my cousin I would marry you in a heart beat" to which she answered its legal in this state
  5. JessieWoodard57

    The Benefits of Cousin Relationships

    LOL newby love it ....use to me a motor mouth on here
  6. JessieWoodard57

    The Benefits of Cousin Relationships

    What I always like the best was that we never had to chose who's family to spend holidays with. Hey C and KC, been a long time since I checked in. Although many of you are friends on my FB