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    Cousin Marriage is good

    TAJIKISTAN In Tajikistan, Too Much Cousin Love Could Be Causing Birth Defect A child being treated for a birth defect at a hospital in Tajikistan's Khatlon region. People in Tajikistan love their families, and it is threatening to destroy the nation. That's the reasoning behind growing calls to ban marriages between first cousins, a long-standing practice that is common throughout the Central Asian country.Proponents of the ban argue that the offspring of consanguineous marriages, or marriages between blood relations, run higher rates of birth defects and genetic illnesses that could ultimately prove to be the nation's undoing. Detractors argue that the risks are exaggerated, that more scientific research is needed to make a clear link between consanguineous marriages and birth defects, and that a ban on consanguineous marriages would not solve the problem. In the course of a few months, the debate has risen to a level that settling it is expected to be among the newly-elected parliament's first tasks. Registration Efforts While no bill banning first-cousin marriages has yet been drafted, support for such a measure has come in from the highest levels of government and health authorities have already begun to take action. On March 17, the regional Health Department in the southern Khatlon Province announced that it had completed registering children born with disabilities, a process that included documenting whether their parents were related. According to the figures, 9,700 persons up to the age of 18 were born with physical or mental disabilities in the province. Of them, 1,546 were the offspring of first cousins. In the provincial capital, Qurgonteppa, nearly 25 percent of those registered as having been born with birth defects came from consanguineous marriages. In addition to the registration effort, Khatlon health authorities have launched an awareness campaign that deploys teams of doctors to educate parents and young adults about the potential risks of consanguineous marriages to future generations. To give the campaign added weight, influential imams have been brought in by Khatlon authorities to help spread the word. Rahmon Weighs In The efforts in Khatlon followed a January speech by President Emomali Rahmon in which he expressed concerns about what he described as a "rise in marriages between blood relatives." Addressing the outgoing parliament, Rahmon estimated that there were "about 13,000 disabled children in Tajikistan who rely on state support," and that many of them were born to consanguineous marriages. He then instructed the Health and Social Affairs ministries to work out viable options to prevent such marriages Marriage Within Families Blamed In Tajik Birth Defects Cases (WATCH: Marriage Within Families Blamed In Tajik Birth Defects Cases) The speech rekindled debates that began in 2013 when Saodat Amirshoeva, a prominent former lawmaker and staunch critic of marriages among relatives, convinced parliament to draft a bill outlawing such unions. The bill never made it to a parliamentary debate, and a working group set up to finalize the details was suspended indefinitely after a few meetings. "Back then authorities said we didn't have the mechanisms and institutions in place to implement such a ban," Amirshoeva recently told RFE/RL's Tajik Service. Rahmon's recent support gives the stalled initiative a lifeline, according to Amirshoeva. She notes that "it's a tradition in Tajikistan that no one does anything until the president instructs it," concluding that his comments mean that Tajikistan has never been as close to banning marriages between cousins. Religious Backing Within days after Rahmon's speech, Tajikistan's Islamic Center head Faizullo Barotzoda backed what he called the "thoughtful initiative" by Rahmon aimed at "improving the nation's knowledge, health, capabilities, and quality of life." But other religious figures have questioned whether banning marriages between cousins would solve anything. Turajonzoda has called for all couples to undergo government-sponsored genetic and medical screenings before their marriages are registered, adding that their union should be discouraged in the event the tests revealed potential health risks for their children. He adds that "Islam doesn't either ban or promote cousin marriage" -- noting that Islamic scholars have historically encouraged young people to marry strangers in the belief that such marriages bring good children. "At the same time," he says. "We are against such a ban." Worldwide, an estimated 1 billion peoplelive in communities where consanguineous marriages are preferred. and such unions are common in Tajikistan and Central Asia. The practice has long been associated with greater birth-defect risks, and various studies have considered consanguinity as a cause of birth defects. The most recent and largest study to date -- the Britain-based study "Born in Bradford" -- confirmed that children whose parents are first cousins are twice as likely to be born with birth defects. Family Tradition Ending the centuries-old tradition would not be easy. In many cases, the marriages involve well-to-do families that don't want outsiders inheriting their wealth, and the unions are seen as more stable because they enjoy support from parents, relatives, and community. Zebo Karimova, a housewife from Khatlon, knows from her family's experience that marrying cousins can lead to devastating consequences. Karimova is a caregiver for her five-year-old grandson, Anisjon, who suffers from a rare and incurable genetic condition that has left him unable to walk. Anisjon's parents were first cousins. Anisjon's father subsequently divorced his wife, blaming her for "giving birth to a sick child," and Karimova is wracked with guilt. "I married off my daughter to my sister's son to have even closer family ties, but we didn't know there are health risks involved." In southern region of Qurgonteppa, a former desert land where settlers were relocated by Soviet authorities in the 1930s, consanguineous marriages helped people retain their native traditions and dialects. Breaking from tradition is frowned upon. "My marriage nearly collapsed under pressures by my in-laws, who didn't want a stranger in the family IF ITS OK TO MARRY A COUSIN THEN WHY NOT A BROTHER AND SISTER? I COULD NEVER DREAM OF MARRYING A COUSIN. SICK EEEWWW
  2. Cousin Lover

    Problems I'm having marrying my first cousin

    Yes I am. People often ask so how did i meet ur wife / husband? Do u know them from school ect? Where did u meet? It is not common at all among brits just musilm immigrants tend to do it. As I have said before could u show me some examples of Brits married to a 1st cousin even 2nd or 3rd? Its not something that people in the west do, what if u have a break up then the whole family will not speak to each other. The royal family use to marry cousins 50 yrs ago they dont do it anymore, prince willam and kate are not 1st cousins. How did the funeral go? Were u dressed in all black? Did u wear a hat to the funeral. In the UK we wear black/white at funerals. Was it a religous funeral in a church?
  3. Cousin Lover

    Problems I'm having marrying my first cousin

    Things have moved on in the UK people dont even dream of marrying a cousin even if legal, In fact nobody in my family or anyone I know is married to cousin, people find it strange, i often get called a loser because I fancy someone in the family. Can u show me 2 cases of a white British couple who are 1st hell even 2nd or 3rd cousins! Married or even just living together? I'm a drama queen?u know. I love dreasing up and shaking it all about. What do I do grab her hand kiss her on the lips and walk out of her family home? What if uncle steve / auntie Irene slap me cand me a dirty b word? I know they would never accept our relationship as its frowned upon here.
  4. Cousin Lover

    Problems I'm having marrying my first cousin

    Agreed is because of the anti cousin marriage culture here in UK.
  5. Cousin Lover

    Problems I'm having marrying my first cousin

    U dont understand the UK and how much cousin marriages are thought of as a dirty thing. I dont know anyone English who is married to a 2nd cousin let alone a 1st cousin. I think im going tp leave it. She is my 1st and last love I know my family will never let me marry her so single forever it is. If the UK culture was positve over cousin marriage then I would tell unclue steve I love his daughter my sweet cousin charlotte. U made me laugh with ur comment on the drowning guy? wow ur urca witty 1. Ur husband is a lucky man, cousin or not. If cousin u r lucky?
  6. Cousin Lover

    Problems I'm having marrying my first cousin

    Yes I love her more than life itself? I have footballs tennis balls just not the balls ur talking about? I often dream about how sex would be like with her. I can't even talk about it. Its just one of those things I gave her a silver band she wears it on her finger, she tells me she kisses that band every night before going to bed. It makes me ?.
  7. Cousin Lover

    Problems I'm having marrying my first cousin

    If we marry againts our family's wishes then we will be alone. Nobody will come to vist, friends we would have lost because of the cousin marriage. Nobody knows that we are in love its kind of like our little secret. When ever we have family get togethers she comes over to my parents house as that's where the whole family gets together, once she wore tight black leather pants, high heels and when ever charlie (Charlotte) saw me around she would put her hands on her hips, stand in a naughty way to 1 side posing I think., she flicks her blonde hair too and that makes my heart skip a few beats?. Why the hell would she do that for?? She knows I love her? Is she trying to tell the family by doing that. Uncle Steve is her Dad he does not know about us. She always says hi Eric sweety oh and I melt like vanilla ice cream that has strewberry sauce on top of it. Oh Charlotte u devil.? We use to spend lots of time together in school ect, I would love going out on trips we would sit nxt to each other on the bus / couch and hold hands. We went france we held hand all they way on the boat. I was wishing that I pass away with me holding her hand. We kissed when no one was looking? We licked each others ice cream to stop it dripping. It was very hot day.
  8. Cousin Lover

    Problems I'm having marrying my first cousin

    My name is Eric dude! This is not a Hollywood movie I cant just take my women we have family in the way even if we ignore my stupid friends we say its wrong. I think we will both put of marriage forever. I am her 1st love and she is my 1st love.
  9. Cousin Lover

    Problems I'm having marrying my first cousin

    Yeah i'm 30 but we cant get married if our family do not agree to it, after all we are family this could break the family up, half of the family may never speak to each other ever again?. What if they do not attened the wedding? If I can't marry the women I love then i'll have to live alone with cat or a gold fish called freddy. If we do burn the bridges then society as a whole in the west be it UK, some of USA ect. (Some states in the US have ban on 1st cousin marriages) 50-60 yrs ago 1st-2nd cousin marriages were quite common in the UK. The queen is married to hers?. Its very very rare for Brits to marry cousins in the UK today although not illlegal, immigrants from South Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Arab countries do) at least 80% they do it for cultural reasons I think. News media here keeps going on about disabled children of Pakistani's (see daily mail uk's website) A documentry was shown 2 weeks ago on bbc 1 and bbc online titled "Should I marry my cousin"? A British Pakistani teenager called Hiba Maroof asked this question to the wider british public and they said no its wrong. In the end she did not want to marry her cousin anymore dispite her on parents and grand parents being cousins?
  10. Cousin Lover

    Problems I'm having marrying my first cousin

    I would but I know our parents are dead againts it. Life for me will be alone with a cat or 2?
  11. Cousin Lover

    Problems I'm having marrying my first cousin

    Ok, if people would accept cousin couples just as they do gay marrisge and not give cousin couples dirty looks or the eeer sick or ur a werido comment then I would accept them after all they also love like I love, not until then. I would be very upset if any of my children turned out to be gay, my friends would say my children have turned out gay because I married my cousin (If I ever do) But gay people are not able to have children of their own, cousins are so its not the same as cousin do have a small chance of producing a disabled offspring, my cousin is not the same gender as me I'm a young man she is a young women. By putting us in the same boat u are dirtying our love that we have for each other. I could go in to details about the dangers of gay s*x but I dont see the need for it. We have to draw a line in the sand let that line be cousin marriages are ok any closer it is wrong, a few yrs ago a German brother and Sister wanted to marry each other, the German court said no. The brother-sister couple could have said look cousins can marry, gays can marry why can't we? What would you say to them? The only other option I have is to remain single for the rest of my life. I could never marry another women, even if she does marry another men, not sure if she will, she might give in to the fertlity ticking clock talk her mother keeps giving her.
  12. Cousin Lover

    Problems I'm having marrying my first cousin

    The thing is they want us to get married but not to each other sadly? As I said we tested the water by talking about people who love and marry cousin, lets just say they were not best pleased about it? My friends seem to repeat what they read. 1 even said I was only going out with my cousin because I "could not find any one else? I was told by other family members that my children will be retarded if they are not then the male children will produce faulty sperm or none at all, females children might not have periods or painful periods ect. They are all trying to put me off well if I don't marry this cousin I will remain single forever. I wish I could marry if not then DIE IN HER ARMS?
  13. Cousin Lover

    Problems I'm having marrying my first cousin

    I understand that we are adults but how can we get married all live together if our parents do not agree to this sort of union? We could run away with each other but that would hurt our parents and we dont want to do that ever. My friends think its wrong they think im a nuts ?even if we do have recessive genes I dont care I love cousin we will not have children or we might adopt if she wants to. My friends are brain washed by media reports about disablity in children ect they keep saying why cant I find a girl out of family. We would not ever hurt anybody if people are going to hate as that much then we will move away and not talk to anyone if people are going to hate on us, its our parents that we need to convince first before anything else. Being gay is wrong , humans were never meant to have s*x that way.The whole point of 2 people getting together is to have the ablity to pro create if needed. Why are people so anti cousin marriage around the world? The Musilim world has a lot of cousin marriage lucky them but even the younger muslims I speak to think its wrong? I do not believe in any religion I'm an atheist too?. If I was ever to tell me parents I was gay even as I joke they would hate me. If u are married to your cousin i think u are very lucky?
  14. Cousin Lover

    Reposting my story

    Best of luck. Dont worry. Cousin marriages are a great thing. I love my cousin too☺
  15. Cousin Lover

    The Benefits of Cousin Relationships

    You know each other from day 1 Same family, you can share old memories with each other making good pillow talk☺. You know the mother-in-law. Cousins tend to be more fertile. Some famlies like to keep the blood line pure.