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    Genetic counseling

    Thank you so much for the advice! I'll keep you guys updated!
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    Genetic counseling

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I went to my yearly check up and asked my doctor if he could recommend a genetic counselor. My doctor asked me why I want to go see a genetic counselor, and I told him that me and my husband are first cousins once removed. He pretty much freaked out on me. He said that no matter what our kids will always have defects and be "special". He says that it doesn't matter if we are 5 th cousins; kids still come out "special". I promptly left his office and never plan to go back again. I know that what he told me is absolutely not true. I have read your page on genetic defects and health, and it was very helpful. Thank you so much for that information. It was nice to hear something other than " you will never be able to have normal kids". My husband and I still want to go see a genetic counselor just to make sure we don't have a crazy disease in our genes we don't know about. We were wondering if anyone on here knew of a genetic counselor in the Chicago area that is not judgemental? We live in a Chicago suburb,but would be willing to drive for the right person. Thank you so much for your help!