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  1. I am in love with him and completely lost

    Ignore these idiots.
  2. I am in love with him and completely lost

    Anytime! Make sure she gives advice not an opinion on what she thinks is right and wrong.
  3. I am in love with him and completely lost

    You always miss 100% of the shots you dont take. I say go for it. I know you are nervous so maybe do like I said in the other post about bringing up a old story and about having a crush/ in love with him and see how he replies. If it goes well confess the feelings have never went away.
  4. I am in love with him and completely lost

    His questions on your wall were 6 years ago? but the others are more recent correct? For us it was like 10 years we had not even spoken to each other when out of nowhere she confessed her feelings, and my feelings were still there just as strong. The forum says to keep things PG but I will say the walls we had up before letting each other know how we felt came crashing down.
  5. I am in love with him and completely lost

    Well all the signs point to him feeling the same way. Think about if it was a guy you met or a guy friend who did all the things he does what would you as a women think, you would think this guy wants me. So if your cousin is going this far he has to feel the same way you do as a guy we would not act that way to a girl we were not interested in!!!
  6. I am in love with him and completely lost

    I Hope it helps. Remember to post the success story afterwards!
  7. I am in love with him and completely lost

    I wrote a lil bit about it on another post
  8. I am in love with him and completely lost

    From your comments its clear he has feelings for you, he did not want to go to your wedding because He feels like you belong to him. I felt the same way when my cousin got married. Letting him know how you feel will not scare him away. Him saying what would your husband think sounds like a test he is waiting for you to say I dont care what my husband thinks which would give him to go ahead to act on what he wants to do since your married he does not want to cause problems for you even though he wants you too. So you might need to be more direct than you would be with a random guy. Hope this helps you from a male perspective.
  9. Dear HeavyHeart I am a 35 year old man who always had a crush on my cuzin since we were 3 years old together. Are parents called us kissing cousins the last time we had kissed we were both 12 years old. We live 10 hours away from each other growing up so we did not see each other that much. A few times in are teens she came down to stay with us for a week to visit. My feelings for her were so strong I stayed away from her as much as I could because once we got close I thought she would be able to notice my heart beating out of my chest. We are both 35 years old now and about 6 months ago I get a call from her, she had a friend over and they were drinking so we all talked for awhile on facetime than when her friend went home she talked about wanting to come visit me but was not sure if she would be able to do what she really wanted to do. I replied what is it that you want to do?... Than she finally confessed that she had always loved me more than a cousin should and would not be able to control herself if we were alone together. Hearing her say that was one of the best feeling I have ever had because it allowed me to finally have the courage to tell her I have been in love with her since we were 3 years old!! It felt amazing knowing she felt the same way. I understand your concern about what your family would think but with me I am at the point in my life that if it makes me happy I could care less what anyone thinks!!!! My advice to you would be next time you are texting each other late at night bring up some old stories you remember doing with each other as kids playing, tell him as kids that you had a lil crush on him but did not know how to say it, wait for his response, I'm betting he will say he felt the same way. Than tell him the feeling has never went away. if you're nervous about sending that part soften it by saying sorry im a lil tipsy right now.....but it does feel amazing finally getting it off my chest. I would bet everything I have that he feels the exact same way because even before she confessed I always had a feeling she felt as I did and it turned out to be the case! Let me know how it goes!!! I am excited for you just knowing how good it felt for us