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  1. It's hard to move on without closure! Even if he does decide to call me, I don't know how I am going to proceed lol. So much confusion.
  2. Nice.. it must be hard to hide feelings for ur cousin from your wife? Dual life really scare me (sorry if it offends you), I am scared to betray anyone's trust. I have stopped thinking about my future and I am ready for any thing that future holds for me (not going to push anything). I do have feelings for my cousin, I don't know if they are mutual or if we are soul mates or whatever it is. It is really confusing.
  3. I do lol, but not with my cousins. I go out with friends, make random plans and when we all meet we normally talk about spooky stuff lol. Sometimes we don't plan but we just go on trip and jam in the parking lots until police come to stop us lol (No alcohols or drugs, we just play loud music nd enjoy). Normally well planned trips do not turn out as great as the random ones do.
  4. I wish in had something to contribute here lol..
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