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  1. Oh my goodness!! Really? I know her kids because they are my cousins! Ughhh and they are going through a divorce not because of me! because he hadn't shown her any love, he slept on the couch every night. She asked him to go to marriage counseling years ago and he refused. He has a very bad temper and I've heard him screaming at her and calling her just the worse names ever. Don't come at me when neither of you know the full situation. We have not even slept together FYI!! So there goes your thinking with my shriveled appendage scenerio. We are waiting till the divorce is final. Because there is a bit of respect and decency In my morals. But you two ladies act like y'all are the queen pins of this site. Well I think it sux. I thought I could get on here and maybe get some help, but apparently if someone is getting divorced, their not allowed to get with their cousin afterwards.... because yeah nobody ever gets divorced in this world. And if they do then there not aloud to get with thier cousin afterwards my bad I'm sorry.
  2. Wow you totally misunderstood everything! ???. I've been through a divorce. You got issues. Hope you see someone about that. For a father to try to keep their kids from their mother.. is no real man in my book. I am waiting for them to divorce. And this is a couple cousins forum. Obviously I've met her kids. Are you mentally challenged? I'm not trying to take the place of their father, nor would I ever. Sorry that you think this is, in anyway similar to your situation, And that your still mourning over a man who didn't want you. But I can see why now
  3. My cousin and I, are in love! her husband of whom she is separated with now...is trying to keep the kids from her because he found out about us they live in Ohio where it is not legal. I live in Florida where it is legal. She can't move here for obvious reasons. ( the kids) I was going to move there but now she's afraid he's going to keep the kids from her and the kids love me and everything was fine until he found out. Her lawyer was telling her to stay away from me is there any type of action we can take or is there a lawyer out there in Ohio that would fight this issue. We don't necessarily need to be married but I at least want to live with her and still let her not be from her kids Please help me. Can we start a petition to make it legal in Ohio. She is my world, I cannot lose her. It had to become legal in some other state somehow what can we do??
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