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  1. Hi all Im Shyam Shivakumar from Kerala, India.. Im first of all thankfull to who ever made this helpful website to help out cousin couples.. So my story is that Im deeply in love with my father's sister's daughter..N she too loves me a lot.. We started having affection for each other since our childhood..she is 1 yr younger to me..N it was during my 5th grade i met her..But our actual relation kick started when we reachd our teens..we had it for 3 yrs..(frm my 10th to 12th).. Then jst b4 my 12th end i gained all courage to brk up with her fearing family problems in the future..she was heartbroken to say the least..thn aftr we both graduated..ie now..i spoke to her a lot n i told her i cant be single anymore n tht i love her a lot tht i want a life with her till death..n she was more thn happy for tht..also the thing is we only meet during family reunions.. n so our relation is purely long distance..which hurts bt we r strong enuf to wait for time..i hv finally told my own sister tht this relation is reaaallly serious n she ws disturbed to hear this at frst..she thn said tht nw u guys just focus on ur careers n post graduatn..thn in the future i will support u both for marriage..bt im really am tensed bout our parents when they hear this..i dunno hw they gonna react..secondly is first cross cousin marriage illegal wrt kerala?? I dunno.. But we love each other soo damn deeply..we cant imagine to brk up once more..so pls can anyone tell its legal details n bout how to convince parents..im verrry happy tht my sister will support us n so does our other cousins..