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    What Would You Do ?

    Hi hopeless, reading your story really hit home with me, a lot of parallels with my relationship except mine never became physical, which is why I wanted to say. Lady c and serendipity are right, holy crapoly!ty way for him to behave... And if you had an understanding of being monogamous cheating is cheating... But he obviously had feelings enough to sleep with you, so if you love him... And your both willing to move forward exclusively I'd go for it. At least tell him where you stand, or else you'll regret it. Hope this helps and things work out !!
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    I'm in love with my first cousin. . .

    No of course. I want their divorce to be final before anything would happen. My main concern though is whether he really feels anything more than family towards me... we've always been close, shared family problems, appreciated eachother's talents and dreams... have a love of learning. And we even have similar thought processes, thought of eachother as attractive, always very passionate with the other. . . But even after all of this and some very intimate moments ( nothing sexual ) ... but still closer than family "should" be... I've never said anything about my feelings..at least not starkly obvious... so I'm just wondering... maybe it's just me? I can't tell if he cares that way about me too... and I'm so scared of losing what we do have.
  3. I've been in love with my male cousin for almost 10 years... we were always very close.... I was 14 when I realized. And at first I'm thinking crush right? Then when I turned 16 my parents split up so I moved back to our hometown, and we leaned on eachother, his family was having issues at the time too. We became closer I spent the summer with his family seeing him every day, hearing his laugh. It was the best kind of torture Ha. We talked about the future, and life, and he told me I was what he wanted in a wife. ..in a vague sort of way.Anyway about a year later he was going to California for school and he asked me to go with him. I said no, but never told him the real reason which was that my parents had found out about my feelings for him. We talked a little while he was there. . . He drunk dialed me one night because he was lonely and pretty much said he was going to start dating a girl he met before he left. Which I now think he was trying to see if I felt anything for him. So long story short -ish Ha. He came back married her and they moved back to Cali together. Here we are 3 years later and I text him one day trying to forgive him for leaving (he never said goodbye ) and he tells me they aren't working, she hates their life and blames him for everything... that they haven't been sleeping together... and now they are getting a divorce. So I guess my question is does he love me too... should I tell him and take a chance. ?