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    Cousin relationship in crime fiction book

    Hey Nattana, So basically the coming chapter in novel in introducing the main love interest to main character. She is his first once-removed cousin. I’m trying to see if there is a better way to write her in to the story without directly showing my own situation with my cousin. Mostly so that family won’t read and automatically figure out that my cousin & I are romantically interested. There’s nothing to link the story character to the real world. No name or description or anything. I really just don’t want ruin a good forming story with a bad idea.
  2. I’m writing my first book. A cyber noir crime fiction. My protagonist is your typical P.I. 28 tech svavy. Set in Boston in the year 2126. His main love interest is his first cousin once remove. She’s a 23 year old who ran from her controlling parents to become an artist, and meets our protagonist. How can I write this or word in a way that feels normal to read. Family will read this and don’t need the old world gears in their heads spinning with disgusting views of me or trying to find out which of my cousins I “may” be writing about. Thoughts, suggestions, and all thing between are welcome.