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  1. Im sorry I don't know why that says second it's first half cousins. His dad is my mom's half brother so whatever that is. We aren't concerned with the marriage thing just more the birth certificate. I don't want any issues with it. Any advice helps!
  2. Hey guys I have a similar question my bf and I though are from Texas and are having a baby this month. I'm wondering if we will get in trouble if both are listed on the birth certificate. I don't want my kid taken away or us to get in trouble. My bf thinks TX has bigger fish to fry then to mess with us for being second half cousins but we aren't married and share the same last name . Any answers help! Thank you!
  3. So my second half cousin and I are having a baby in texas. We aren't married but have the same last name. My question is I know the law in Texas states nothing is legal but I don't want to get my baby taken from me bc I put him on the birth certificate and we get flagged for some reason. Any help is appreciated.