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    Getting it ALL out (Need advice!!!)

    I would say she's just as attracted to you as you are to her. I'd take it slow, sure, but don't just stay quiet. Don't wait until both of you are in your 20s and possibly near marrying someone else. I'm sure she feels like you do... that it's wrong, because our society says it is. So if you talk to her and realize she has feelings for you, too, for sure, you can start the conversation by introducing her to some facts about cousin marriages and cousin couples or that you looked some stuff up. I'm with my cousin now, but I was not ready at all to even think about it at 18, although I had a crush on him, for sure. I think he liked me too but we were both in denial. Our past failed relationships in adulthood really make us appreciate our connection. It would have been good if we'd kept in touch as we grew up a bit and then maybe we would have been together even longer.
  2. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but if cousins moved to a new state (where cousin marriage is illegal, but dating a cousin is not) and didn't share the same last name...and then got married... who would ever notice or bother to find out the couple is related? It seems like something that would only be revealed or be a problem if a disgruntled family member or other person reported it. I'd like to discuss this as a hypothetical situation, since I'm sure no one advocates actually breaking a law.
  3. Cousin Marriage is illegal in WA state. I'm looking for any help or advice you might have in managing everything from taxes to mortgages to insurance. One of us was married before, but now all of the "protections" afforded married couples are unavailable to us. I'd love any tips or steps to take. I feel like I need to read all the articles for gay couples before their marriages were legal to get it all sorted.