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  1. This is my first time confessing about my real feelings and I don't know if I can share this personally to someone. So, I'm just gonna let everything out here because I might go crazy keeping everything to myself. I'm inlove with my cousin and it's only getting worse. And the last time I checked, I thought that I had moved on but...when I saw him, everything just messed up and the walls I created just crashed. Like I done my best to stay away from him. I went to a university away from our city and did my best to missed family meetings. But fate is cruel. We met. And I got lost in his eyes. The same eyes that I adored 4 years ago and the very reason why I can't fall inlove with another person. Then, we talk. He asked me if I have a boyfriend and teased me with a lot of stuff but I got annoyed and ignored him saying "What does it have to with you?" And looked away. I thought he was going to leave and say something like apologize. But to my surprised, he just stood there staring at me (I'm not really sure. I was looking away.). He stayed like that for like a minute then, left silently. And I don't understand why. I went home confused and brokenhearted.