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  1. No1 Why are you putting words into my mouth ?!!! (your being very rude by doing that) I never said I think i trumps being married , it was simply a fact that I was stating that we are closely related No2 We have never screwed each other if he do this will be the 1st time and Her abusive husband is a sick kissy-face and actually encourages her to sleep around , but she never has and also he is cheating on her No3 I meant my love for my wife (we were married in court not in a church so there were no vows) but still I loved her more than you can ever know , but the fact that I found pictures of her that she send some other kissy-faceing guy and pics of him to and conversations on her laptop that they have been having and a pic where she kisses the kissy-faceing piece of holy crapoly! !!! and also the fact that the dates on these pics were 3 months after our marriage , really really breaks my heart and makes me feel like the last 7 years of my life has been a lie ! No4 We were both in a dark place (depression) until we started talking and infact we are both feeling better since we started talking about our problems and the way we feel ect ect ect No5 You wana talk about selfishness ? How about this her husband leaves his wife alone constantly and goes out with some ugly whore and his drunk alcoholic friends all most every night , then comes home and breaks her down by saying mean things to her and then also tries to get her to sleep with other guys (he is into sick holy crapoly! like that = gets turned on at the thought of her sleeping around) My wife hasent touched me in 2 years (eventhou I have been loyal our entire marriage and many women have been running after me and I have been telling them to kissy-face off just bec I love my wife) (but right now im sad and depressed and lonely and im not one to sleep around), she rather goes out with her friends , we barely talk and when I do try and talk she is always on the kissy-faceing phone , I works 11 hours each day except on Sundays ,I pay the bills, I cook food every day, I clean , I bring her coffee like some kissy-faceing slave I tell her almost every day I love her I tell her she is beautiful, I am never told im beautiful or that she loves me, I try and talk to her but she fights with me ,when I try and kiss her she turns her face away from me when I hug her she get annoyed, when I try and just sit next to her on the couch she will get up and sit somewhere els, When I try and touch her in bed just even to hold her she tell me to move away and over to my side of the bed , I buy her gifts she barely notices, I have remembered ever anniversary we had but she hasent , I have bought her gifts for each one and her birthday and Christmas , you wana know what she did, she bought me a present 2 and a half years ago and just to spite me on my birthday she gave the present to someone els !!!! Question: Why do you seem to be the on judging me so harshly and calling me selfish and putting words into my mouth ? what did I ever do to you to deserve such negativity and negative judgment ? Do I seem like the piece of holy crapoly! in this story ? do I need to be abused more by the one I love who I waisted over 7 years of my life with ? honestly how am I the bad guy here??? buy coming here and telling my story and asking for honest opinions not to be judged negatively !
  2. Hi I have no idea how to do this so here goes Ok let me start by saying me and my cousin actually grew up together ,I took care of her and I was her only friend when she was little ( we are a few years apart in age, but nothing to major ) ,we both were young and we never saw each other as anything els than family (except that we loved each other ,I would say more than we loved the other family members) (no we didnt do anything weird when we were kids and didnt have weird ideas, so dont get weird ideas) I was there since she was born and like I said we grew up together, but when I turned 12 I started avoiding her (I did it bec I was young and starting to get well yea horny) so I had trouble controlling myself and bec of that I started avoiding her and also as I got older I avoided her more and more bec I had trouble controlling myself around her so I did not want to do something stupid bec I was just a young kid and yea young kids do stupid stuff (especially between the ages of 12 - 19) So I reckoned the best would be for me to completely stay away We are both married today (not the best relationships bec both our partners are horrible to us even thou we love them) also her husband and my wife dont know each other at all We had a talk not to long ago , she was feeling sad bec her husband is mean to her and the same on my end , so we both were pretty sad So we talked and talked and I said some things to make her feel better and she said some stuff to make me feel better and we were pretty serious with what we said and we made each other feel a little better (again we simply gave each other complements and stuff so again nothing weird) So as we talked more and more as the days went on she started asking questions so I was like screw it lets be honest So I told her how I think she is beautiful and that I meant it and that I would give anything for a girl like her and she said the same thing to me So as we spoke more and more we became more and more open (we are also both brutally honest people so when we say something we mean it) I had a dream (a very hot and erotic dream about the 2 of us) yea I told her she actually wanted to know more and more and in more detail so yea I told her in more detail, In the end I was like you yopu probably are mad now and she surprised me by saying well I will take your dream as a massive complement (just because its coming from you) Ok we started flirting little by little , kinda joking but also serious, so then she asked me why I suddenly left her when we were young , i said be I went to high school (although I was home every weekend) and she said well she still doesn't understand why I left , so I was like ..... ok I will tell you but please dont hate me , lookk I love you and I didnt want to hurt you or do some stupid holy crapoly! , because I got very very pervy and horny when I turned 12 so bec I love you so much I had to leave bec I didnt wana do something dumb to you and mess up your mind or cause some emotional dammage, She said: Well it would have been allot better than what happened to me when you werent there (she had a bad time bec she got lonely and depressed ect ect ect and also she got into a bad relationship and was a abused by some kissy-faceing piece of holy crapoly! guy who should burn in hell with his eyes eaten out by scorpions each day !!!) Sorry I get pissed when I think about what happened to her >:( So I am feeling a bit angry at myself for not sticking around , anyway getting back to the story I replied to what she said hey listen I was a bloody perv and I could not controle myself around you ?!?!!!!! do you understand what im saying ???? She: yes I understand perfectly and it still would have been better than what happened Me: I love you ,can you imagine what would have happened ? you would have had me doing stuff to you ..... do you understand ??!! I was a perv She: I dont care it still would be allot better than what happened ! , you love me right , you always took care of me when we were little right ? you never hurt me ever and you were always there when I needed you Me: yes She: well having you do things to me would have been allot better then having that piece of holy crapoly! abuse me Me: im sorry I never nhew about it , if you simply said something I would have killed him just for touching you (the guy isnt in her life anymore) Me: im still sorry but you would have hated me if I stayed She : not really Me: I was a perv .... I still am a little She: well i wish you did stay bec I would have prefered you any day over him She: also you know that dream you told me about 2 days ago, well I told you I liked it so what does that tell you about me ? if your a perv what does that make me for liking it ? Me: well ........ ok haha We continued flirting and our flirting has been getting a little hotter and we have been getting a little more and more honest with each other We have also gotten more honest and we love each other (allot more than we should) , we have felt this for many years but we simply just started talking about this a few weeks ago, so yea .... bec all is out in the open now we are at that point if you put us in a room it wont be long till we go at it like rabbits But we both are married (both in bad relationships) We have seen each other naked and we like what we see, yea we exchanged pics We are both very good looking (infact we are you would say hot) (im not saying that to brag , its a fact , no im not guna share our pics) (think young Roxette and a well built Brad Pitt) Problem is we love each other more than we should and pretty soon we will see each other (like I said we are guna be at it like rabbits) no we arent planning to be but its guna happen lets be honest Again we are both married but we also want each other we are closely related , we are both adults ,I love her with all my heart, what should I do ?!?!?!? Im unsure what to do, I want opinions and advice (please be honest and dont judge me to harshly) should I go thru with it ? should I run away and climb under a rock ? what should I do ?!!??!?!?! she want me to come visit Im afraid of what I might do when I am around her
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