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  1. 143, time heals... just focus to what matter most to you.. your family. Love and protect yourself so you won’t be in a bad situation. I understand the excitement and kilig... this is just a temporary felling... is this worth of trouble???
  2. Hi There.. suggestion Lang..to get over para malaman na preggy..better pa lab work na siya sa hospital. It’s easy and give you the answer. Para matuldukan na yung WHAT IF question na yan. Then after that ..deal about your issue about how you fell about your cousin. good luck. take care!!
  3. Hi Pooch... he does not adapt my culture at all. I have to adjust... I just think what is best for my kid..that’s all matter to me.. actually he is not makulit.. his very helpful around the house and we both enjoy outdoor. I am a soccer mom too.. I’m his cheerleader. Lol!! Happy Valentines everyone in this forum!! ❤️❤️ I could still bitter about the V day..but heyyy! It’s just another day that will pass.. Kulasa Manila
  4. Hi Pooch, 9 yrs old ang anak ko. Yung tatay matagal na kami civil lang. Di siya Pinoy. Yeah, agree ako sa yo..I rest my case dun sa pinsan ko. Kaya nga naghiwalay na kami agad.. I don’t regret at all, there is always a reason why we crossed our path..his part of me even just for a while..and things never the same anymore..that experience change me.... “love to blame “??? But I know I will get over it.. very soon. Manila Kulasa
  5. I just one everyone to have a good vibes..have a blessed Sunday to all!! Glad we have each other.. same hugot!! Ingat kayo lahat !!! Pooch..stay warm!! Tired of snow here as well!!
  6. Hi everyone, Pooch.. first cousin pala..like mine....kaya lang the difference..we both have family na..kaya if we push it what makes us happy ...double trouble...??... hopefully Di ko na siya makita for another 1000 years.. lonelynsad23..time heals..try to rebuilt yourself and open your eyes with any opportunity comes..don’t think di ka magkakaanak..just go to the flow of your journey and find your purpose in life... Goodluck !!!
  7. Hi Pooch, Seems you’re very responsible and truthful about your relationship..swerte ng cous/gf mo..1st or 2nd cousin ba kayo?? You’re brave man and my sense of direction... wish you the best and sa love story ninyo.. btw..thanks sa advice.. I will achieve that eventually... ouchhhh talaga!! Kulasa Manila
  8. 9/9/2004, hi there, so your in Manila?? .. I’m with about what you’re going through. But you have to help yourself. Surround yourself with positive people. You have to realize that chapter of your life have to end and you have to continue your journey, not because you have a bad and painful experience di mo na tutuloy ang buhay, stock ka na dun.. be kind to yourself, learn to love yourself, take care of it.... re create yourself again..it’s a process too, work hard for it to achieve that..do baby steps.. pag maganda na ang outlook mo sa buhay it will reflect sa aura mo.. you will start to invite positive vibes... pati ikaw gaganda At you look attractive... I don’t want to give you hope, sweet revenge...pag nag cross ang path ninyo ulit .. at least you can say “look at me now”... stronger and better woman.. and show your smile...smile ng panalo!!!so brush off that tears and umpisahan mo alagaan and sarili mo!! Bless you and your heart. Take care!! If you need some pointer...dito lang ako!! Don’t think I am 100% ok...I’m in a process..parang construction building, on going pa..why do you think I’m here sa forum??..but I want to inspire as well... yung Love nandyan pa din... I still think of him ...I still cry but not that often... normal lang yun..nasanay na until manhid na... Take care 9/9/2004 Kulsa Manila
  9. Hi Pooch, this is my very first forum, I used Kulasa because of my alma mater ( Scho?..hint..hint). Yes, I leave here in US for more than 20 years, a State known for 10,O00 lakes, close to Canada as well. I want to stay focus for self development ( very active ako sa gym, rediscover myself by taking Jiu-jitsu, Zumba and weight lifting), I focus on my career and start investing some property sa Philippines for future retirement. I use the heart ache to inspire me to be a better version of me. Kaya wala plano sa Love life, I have to learn to love myself and built my happines within myself..I just develop the thing I have control. I’m not perfect, don’t get me wrong ... dumadating pa din yung WHAT IF and WISHFUL THINKING... He will remain part of me and have a special place in my heart. If magkikita pa kami..I just let the tadhan decide that. Joining and reading this forum really helps me to heal and understand yung pinagdaanan ko, Because of the people on this forum, made realized I am not alone.. Pooch, thanks for your input, coming from the guys statement, nasak din siya when he backed off. If you ask me how’s my heart ?? Mahal na mahal ko siya hanggang dun na lang yun. I just let the nature take care of it... hoping pag gising ko sa umaga..Wala na siya sa systema ko.
  10. Hi Lonelysad23, Try to re discover yourself, find a hubby or selfdevelopment..go to gym..yoga is nice, self meditation.. do something para di mo siya maisip..I know it’s hard, but be kind to yourself..lalabas sa aura mo ulit and more attractive if you learn to appreciate and love yourself again..kasi my self confidence ka na ulit...I know it’s easy to say than done ... I’m still in healing process myself.. goodluck...
  11. Hi Pooch.. thanks for the reply..actually best friend ko lang and some college friends and his best friend din sa work. Wala sa Family namin. Lalo na ang status ko sa clan namin, mataas tingin nila sa akin because of all my accomplishment and no one would think, kasi di rin siya ang tipong papatulan ko.. he used to our helper sa bahay, my dad pays for all his school till he finished college and became successful. Last time we talk when I visited sa Manila last year. First, my intention is to start as clean slate. He response well, but at the end he back off. Our story is very different, I don’t have any idea I was his childhood dream since highschool pa siya, After 25 years he waited for me to comeback from the US.. then na corner na niya ako..that time was a perfect timing kasi I was miserable and not happy here in US, it’s been decade since I felt that kind of happines( that butterfly sa stomach mo and nawawala ka sa sarili because kasama ko siya), but we have to ended because marami masasaktan lalo na mga bata. then the rest was history...I just wish the best for him. He still my love of my life, maybe my twin flame?? So weird..kasi siya lang ang taong nahirapan ako mag move on. Everyday I have to deal with emotional pain. If only I can buy out this feeling, So I don’t have to wake up everyday with this pain..what scares me is that I have to leave with it ...It’s been more than 2 years but the pain still like yesterday. Nakakatakot di mo maiiwasan pag cross ulit landas namin... buti na lang nandito ako sa US. If only no barriers...I am willing to give up everything..but the future of our kids matter most..both kids are in grade school pa..as what he told me..sacrifice na lang namin ang sarili naming happines para sa pamilya...right love at the wrong time ( ika nga sa song ni Barry Manilow)..? There you go Pooch!! My little story !!
  12. I am very inspired and glad found this group ... I hope I can help too and be inspired.
  13. Hi Pooch.. dami ko natutunan At naka relate ako..kaya lang sa kaso ko..sinukuan na niya ako..ako naman learning to live mylife..Wala akong pinagsisihan dahil sa ilang buwan ng relationship namin naging masaya naman ako... masyadong komplikado situation namin..pareho kasi may sarili na kaming may pamilya...inuna na lang namin ang kapakanan ng mga anak namin..sacrifice na lang namin ang nararamdaman namin... I think that is love for you learn to give up for the good of others. Maybe sa next lifetime namin pag di na kami blood related..for now inspiration ko na lang siya sa buhay ko..pag naalala ko siya napapangiti na lang ako.... siya ang great love ko.... gusto ko maging masaya siya At successful siya sa lahat ng ginagawa niya. Alam ko yung Love di mawawala... he will always have a special place in my heart... Wala na kaming dapat ipag laban....Una mag pinsan buo kami...Pangalawa may sarili ng pamilya pa... kaya siya na mismo bumitiw..sinubukan ko ipaglaban..pero siya na ang tumalikod mag decide na gawin na namin ang tama... For now I’m healing my heart and stay focus for myself.
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