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    Need some advice

    Hey there, You just won 95% of the battle because your culture allows it, lucky you. Im a Sikh and its been almost over a month my family has not been talking to me so i could stop talking to my love and i dont know how long is going to last.
  2. Do

    Need some advice

    Hey there, I read the post and had to create an account so I could respond. I also was in your situation the best thing to do is don't beat around the bush, be honest , be patient thats the key. If you care for her be consistent if she still says no then move on dont hurt your self, not worth the pain. In order to overcome your shyness start going out be comfortable with yourself, you dont have to be with friends to go out just dive. Be proud of your achievements, you seem like a nice guy your young. If you dont mind me asking what religion, caste system you follow?
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